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Greaseproof paper is made of printable cartoon paper holder

Greaseproof paper is made of printable cartoon paper holder cake paper holder is oil-proof and does not deform! When cake manufacturers bake cakes, in addition to ensuring the quality and taste of the cake, the outer packaging of many cakes also needs to be applied to the cake paper holder made of printable greaseproof paper, which can not only ensure the beauty of the cake but also have oil proof.cake paper holder Current market situation of cake paper holder At present, the quality of some cakes on the market is poor, which can not meet the printing demand. The cake paper tray style is also single, which is not delicate enough to attract customers. Worse food oil-proof paper can not achieve the oil-proof effect, resulting in cake oil seepage deformation. Case description A flying paper and plastic packaging factory has bought a group of cartoon greaseproof paper to us, because the greaseproof paper bought by the flying paper and plastic packaging factory is not only single in style b […]

Made with high quality cake trays, foil rolled rim cups

Made with high quality cake trays, foil rolled rim cups Current market situation of foil rolled rim cups The current state of the market for foil rolled rim cups.Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to food safety, not only in the food itself, but also in its packaging. For those who make cakes, they are no stranger to baking trays and now need them too. Here we look at some of the best baking trays currently available. Features of products on the market Commercially available cake trays are not easily deformed and tend to come loose during baking and use, and some of the elaborately patterned cake trays may also contain fluorescent agents, which are not as easily decomposed as the usual chemical ingredients and are harmful to the human body. So cake merchants should still use quality cake trays for baking. Features of our foil rolled rim cups We often receive enquiries from customers who wish to avoid too many patterns on their bakery cake trays, for one thing because of th […]

What is required in the production of Grassian release paper

What is required in the production of Grassian release paper We commonly see grassian release paperr, in fact, Grassian release paper is isolation paper, he is a kind of paper to prevent prepreg adhesion, but also to protect the prepreg from pollution of the anti-stick paper, and the type of release paper is also divided into a lot, usually divided into plastic release paper and plastic-free release paper, in addition to also be able to be divided into silicone release paper and non-silicone release paper according to the release agent. So what conditions do we have to meet when making release paper? be able to adhere to the prepreg, but have the ability to easily separate the two.  it must not react chemically with the resin system or contaminate it. the elongation of the release paper should be consistent with the fibres after being drawn, thus preventing deformation or distortion of the prepreg during preparation due to the lack of synchronisation of the drawing, although in ge […]

Moisture-resistant kraft paper should be used like this

Moisture-resistant kraft paper should be used like this Classification of kraft papers Kraft papers is a general term for paper that does not have a certain size. Kraft paper usually retains its original yellow-brown colour and is suitable for bags and wrapping paper. Kraft paper is used for a variety of different purposes. It is generally classified according to its nature and use. According to the different colour can be divided into: primary colour kraft paper, red kraft paper, white kraft paper, flat kraft paper, single light kraft paper, two-colour kraft paper, etc. According to the different uses can be divided into: packaging kraft paper, waterproof kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, rust-proof kraft paper, flat kraft paper, craft kraft paper, insulating kraft paper board, kraft paper paste, etc. According to the different materials can be divided into: recycled kraft paper, kraft paper core paper, kraft paper original paper, coarse kraft paper, kraft wax paper, wood pulp […]
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