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How to use the piping bag?

How to use the piping bag How to use the piping bag It takes many years of practice to become a very professional cake decorator. However, for ordinary people, if they know some clever decoration techniques, it can obviously make an ordinary cake special and exquisite. First you need to prepare a piping bag, Decorating flowers: by looking at the name, the decorating bag is mainly a tool used when decorating flowers, which makes decorating flowers more convenient. It is equipped with metal decorating nozzles, including star-shaped flower nozzles, thin star-shaped flower nozzles, round flower nozzles, and leaves. Flower mouth, petal flower mouth, basket weaving flower mouth, etc., these flower mouths are very cleverly designed, you can use them to make the cake lively, and make the decorating flower transform into a variety of different fancy patterns and patterns. Cut off the front end of the piping bag. The opening is about the same diameter as the middle of the piping mouth. Place the […]

How to use piping bag and piping mouth?

How to use piping bag and piping mouth How to use piping bag and piping mouth Decorating nozzles and decorating bags are very commonly used tools in baking. They are suitable for making basic cookies, finger cakes, advanced puffs and macarons, and also suitable for making cupcakes of various difficulties. Decorating flowers can also be used to divide the batter. Have you used such a versatile tool for decorating flowers? Let’s take a look! Basic decorating mouth: including large and small round mouth and multi-tooth mouth (the most commonly used are 6-tooth and 8-tooth). Decorating bags: including the most commonly used disposable plastic decorating bags, cloth decorating bags suitable for harder batter (such as cookie, puff batter) and silicone decorating bags Decorating nozzle converter: used to easily replace the decorating nozzle, usually used in making cup cake decorating with different patterns ①Large 8-tooth mouth, suitable for decorating cup cakes, cookies, etc. ②Large ro […]