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Anti-Fog Transparent Plastic Face Mask

Professional Transparent Sanitary Cover Mask for Restaurant, Tattoo, Permanent Makeup, Catering,
Franchise Restaurant, Food Demonstrator, Beauty Skin Care Cooking, Serving, Medical, Dental
Anti-Fog Transparent Plastic Face Mask

OEM/ODM Adjustable Anti-Fog Transparent Plastic Face Mask

Material:Lens: PS Holder: PP Ear-Loop: Spandex
Size: 14.0*7.5+cm
Color: Transparent, White
Style: Fixed / Split
Views: 34683
Model Number:D01, F-G01-2, F-G02-2, S-G01-2, S-G02-2
Packing: 20pcs/bag, 25bag/carton
Carton Size: 56*36*32cm
Carton Weight: 5.8KG
 4.9 /5 based on 177 votes
Standard Price: $0.11 /pcs
Supply Ability: 10,000,000 pcs/day In stock Fast Delivery!
Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking Original source
Color: White
Price: $0.10/pcs
Style: Fixed
Weight: 7g
Color: White
Price: $0.11/pcs
Style: Fixed
Weight: 7g
Color: White
Price: $0.13/pcs
Style: Split
Weight: 9g
Color: White
Price: $0.13/pcs
Style: Split
Weight: 9g
Color: White
Price: $0.09/pcs
Style: Fixed
Weight: 5g

Product Description of Transparent Plastic Face Mask

Transparent mask is made of transparent, non-toxic, tasteless food-grade materials that are environment-friendly, and has good looks and lightweight, and is easy to wear.
Has a certain space with the face, in accordance with ergonomic design, eliminating hot feeling , not causing secondary pollution due to mouth secretions from nose and mouth. Wearer can talk freely, and will not be embarrassed for bad breath odor to increase self-confidence.
Facial expressions can be seen through the transparent mask. Can neither block nor erase women’s makeup to increase self-confidence and demonstrate courtesy and respect to others.

Transparent Hygienic Mask F-G01-2
Anti-Fog Transparent Plastic Mouth Shield Detail Design

Customizable Option of Transparent Plastic Face Mask

Transparent Hygiene Mask & Shield OEM
Deruna Transparent Hygienic Mask

Technical Parameters

Box Size:17*15*11cm
Carton Size:56*36*32cm
Delivery Time:20hours from stock,7-10days for a bulk order
Application: Food processing, Catering, Restaurant,
Hotel, Dental, Hospital, Tattoo, Beauty,
Hairdressing, Nail shop, Supermarket,
Personal use, etc.
Note: Other size, color, logo all can be customized
as the client’s requirement

Why Choose Us?

  • Anti – Fog Coating Cover ,Provide all day comfort.The vents let you talk without getting wet.
  • Designed according to facial lines, comfortable to wear, small face space, not covering nose and mouth, and not getting hot.
  • Professional Enable hygienic face-to-face contact with your customers.
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials,safe and durable.
  • Professional Recommended places: dental, restaurant, hospital, tattoo, skin care, serving, makeup ,Nail shop , Food manufacturing plant.
  • Ultra-light 0.3lb, comfortable to wear and work for a long time.
  • Standing, looking, and transparent when smiling, perfectly showing the overall image, courtesy and respect of customer service staff.
  • Product replacement lens is detachable, reusable, no waste, more environmentally friendly, reduces operating costs, and ensures a healthy environment and economical use.
  • Check the package for the genuine sticker.
  • It can be reusable, not disposable!

Application Areas of Transparent Face Mask

Food Demonstrator Transparent mask

Food Demonstrator Transparent Mouth Shield

Transparent Mask for Tattoo Artists

Transparent Mouth Shield for Tattoo Artists

Transparent Mask for SPAS

Transparent Mouth Shield for SPAS

Transparent mask for skin care

Transparent Mouth Shield for Skin Care

Transparent Mask for Restaurants

Transparent Mask for Restaurants

transparent mask for Permanent Makeup

Transparent Mask for Permanent Makeup

Transparent mask for hotel

Transparent mask for Hotel

Transparent Mask for Cooking

Transparent Mask for Cooking

Transparent Mask for Beauty salons

Transparent Mask for Beauty Salons

Canteens Face Mask

Canteens Face Mask

Most Helpful Reviews

Vicky Adames@Money worth
Read More
Really good I wear them to clean to cook to protect my hair from cleaning chemicals also wear this to disinfect rooms real good Thanks worth the price 👏👏👏👏👏👏
bojo@Does the job!
Read More
They came in a timely manner. Durable, but very thin. Does the job they need to do.
Hilbre-Island-for-me@Highly useful
Read More
This is a super cap especially nice for everyone including those with longer hair.
Karen Dickey Goley@Great for filters
Read More
Are use these on all my air vents in the front of my fans and inside my air conditioner filter because I’m allergic to dust mites and boy do they work easy to change and toss when they’re dirty
Shelby McGalliard@Good choice
Read More
I chose these because they look just like the ones we use at work. This size is popular at work so we are always running out which is why I started buying a pack to keep in my locker. The last pack I bought about 3 months ago and I just ran out.
Amanda Korobkin@Amanda Korobkin
Read More
There the ones I was hoping for (better elastic).. just they are ginormous.
Mandi@Great for the curly girl method!
Read More
I snagged a pack of these to wear to bed over my wet hair since I'm giving the curly girl method a try and they've been working great! I also used them for deep conditioning with my blow dryer and they didn't melt or get tangled up.
Gabby@Perfect for nurses
Read More
I’m a nurse at a hospital and our facility is no longer providing hair covers, even if we have COVID patients. I purchased this and it’s perfect for isolation rooms. It’s not too thick so it isn’t too hot.
Chez Mic@Does the job well!
Read More
This are comfortable and very breathable. They served their protective purpose, keeping hair in and were a pleasure to wear as they are completely odor-free. Recommend!
Jessica G@Great hair nets for a great price
Read More
It fits very comfortably, I use them when I cook in the kitchen and I’m happy for the quantity and the price.