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LLDPE stretch film used for wrapping pallet,carton

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LLDPE Stretch Film used for Wrapping Pallet,Carton

Product Introduction

LLDPE stretch film is used for pallet wrapping and/or finishing of any product or to protect against moisture and contamination. The integrity of the product can be protected with LLDPE stretch pallet wrap. LLDPE stretch film is available in manual and machine grade.

Hand/manual stretch film is a kind of packaging film,which is widely used for carton,pallet and other industrial products packing,loading,protecting.The hand-wound film is mainly packaged by hand. The film is wrapped by manually holding or mounting the film on a shelf, and the film is rotated by the tray or the film is rotated around the tray. .It is easy to handle by hand,wrap products layer by layer for protection and fixation.According to different methods of use,we can simply classify stretch film,such as hand stretch film,machine stretch film,mini stretch film,jumbo stretch film.Jubmo stretch film was very popular in past years,but in recent years it is not appliable.

LLDPE stretch film

Product Parameters

Item Paper Core Width(cm) Thickness(um/micron) Length(m)
Hand / Manual Stretch Film 2”/3”   (50mm)/(76mm) 15-50 8mic-30micron 100-500

Hand/manual stretch film Features

(1)Convenient operation, no need to purchase packaging equipment, saving costs
(2)Thinner thickness, lighter weight, convenient for manual work
(3)Good stretchability and puncture resistance, good tear resistance
(4)The price is cheaper than the mechanical stretch film.
(5)Not only suitable for factory use, but also suitable for home or personal use.

Deruna stretch film
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Application of LLDPE Stretch Film

1)Goods and carton packaging
2)Pipe and cable packaging
3)Small items of packaging
4)Item sealed packaging
5)Packaging machines

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Deruna Stretch Film

Technical Specifications:

Thickness RangeTensile Strength(Longitudinal Lateral)Elongation at Break(Longitudinal Laterial)Angel Tear Stretch(Longitudinal Laterial )Impact ability or PendulumTackinessLight Transmission Rate(Clear)Frong Density(clear film)

Packaging of LLDPE Stretch Film

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