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Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film protects palletized and combined loads and improves stability during handling, transport and storage.

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machine stretch film is a versatile, strong packaging material suitable for applications requiring high strength and puncture resistance. This allows for greater levels of prestretching and the use of cast machine stretch film to reduce packaging expenditure.
Machine stretch film has excellent puncture and tear resistance to protect cargo during transportation. In addition to excellent strength and stable adhesion, the flow film also has good optical performance and quiet unwinding performance. We provide a wide range of products to ensure that your pallets remain intact and safe.
These films are designed specifically for machine applications, providing the operator with control over the number of films to be used, the mode of application and the amount of stretch to be applied.

ItemPaper CoreWidth(cm)Thickness (um/micron)Length(m)
machine stretch film3”  (76mm)50/60/75/15015-301000-2500

Machine Stretch Film Information

Machine stretch film rolls are typically available in rolls from 5,000 feet to 9,000 feet, as opposed to 1,500 foot rolls of manual stretch wrap. stretch film for machine widths typically start at 20″ wide and increase to 80″ or more inches wide. The standard core size that fits most stretch wrappers is 3 inches.

Machine stretch film is ideal for medium to large operations that intend to package products quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide range of machine stretch wrapping products:

  • Standard size machine stretch film – Our standard size machine pallet wrap film is comparable to any other manufacturer’s standard size stretch film wrapper. It offers excellent stretch, tear strength, excellent clarity and strength.
  • Performance machine roll stretch film – The perfect choice for thinning and saving money! Our high performance stretch film offers greater tensile strength than standard gauge film, and the ability to reduce gauge and save money.
  • Pre-stretched machine stretch film – the perfect choice for film and energy cost savings. Our pre-stretched machine stretch wrap is a standard 80 gauge machine pallet stretch wrapping that stretches to 90% of its maximum stretch potential. Less energy is required for wrapping. We recommend pre-stretched machine stretch film for lighter loads that do not require a lot of tension and adhesion at the time of application.
  • Coloured machine stretch film – we recommend coloured machine film for anyone who wants to quickly identify pallet loads or colour code shipments.
  • Opaque machine stretch film – Ideal for securing loads and protecting products from UV radiation. Within 2-3 turns, our opaque film is completely opaque. Protects your goods from UV radiation and hides the contents.

Technical Specifications

Thickness RangeTensile Strength(Longitudinal Lateral)Elongation at Break(Longitudinal Laterial)Angel Tear Stretch(Longitudinal Laterial )Impact ability or PendulumTackinessLight Transmission Rate(Clear)Frong Density(clear film)

Application of Machine Stretch Film


It can be used to package household and commercial items. This project is best if you have a lot of things that need to be bundled together. Goods wrapped in stretch wrap will not move. This makes it useful for packaging sensitive materials such as fragile glass. Stretch wrap is the best quality because it is strong and puncture resistant.

Industrial use

The material can be wrapped around boats, pallets and other large items to protect them during transport. Pallet wrapping is one of its common uses. Max film for industrial use is specially designed for heavy duty use. For more sensitive and heavier items, a few layers of the largest film will do the job efficiently.


The stretch wrap for machine is made of thin polyethylene material. It is used to protect items from abrasion. Wraps come in varying degrees of thickness to facilitate different purposes. For heavy and fragile materials, thicker packs are best.

machine stretch film

Machine Stretch Film Manufacturers Efficiency

(1)Need to use professional packaging equipment, faster and more efficient
(2) High product quality requirements, high tensile strength, elongation and puncture resistance
(3)Uniform film, beautiful packaging and strong adaptability
(4)Suitable for factory use, packing goods in batches, quickly and efficiently
(5)Under the same conditions, the equipment pre-stretches the film, saving 30% -50% of consumables

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