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Wholesale Stretch film

LLDPE Stretch Film used for Wrapping Pallet,Carton

hand pallet wrap is a kind of packaging film,which is widely used for carton,pallet and other industrial products packing, loading, protecting.The hand stretch wrap is mainly packaged by hand.The film is wrapped by manually holding or mounting the film on a shelf, and the film is rotated by the tray or the film is rotated around the tray.

ItemPaper CoreWidth(cm)Thickness  (um/micron)Length(m)
hand / manual stretch film2”/3”   (50mm)/(76mm)15-508mic-30micron100-500

Pallet Shrink Wrap More Strength Machine Stretch Film Pallet Wrap

Machine wrapping film is mainly used for mechanical packing. When packing, the packaging machine first stretches the stretch wrap to a certain ratio and then winds the wrapping film on the goods to be packed. 

The goods are tightly packed by the resilience of the film.

ItemPaper CoreWidth(cm)Thickness (um/micron)Length(m)
machine stretch film3”  (76mm)50/60/75/15015-301000-2500

Mini Roll Bundling Stretch Wrapping Film

Mini stretch wrap is a plastic wrap roll obtained by slitting the master film of stretch wrap. 

Because of its small width and light weight, it is called mini stretch wrap film, also known as mini stretch wrap film. Our mini mini stretch wrap is a stretch wrap obtained by slitting the master film of stretch wrap. No adhesive is required to maintain its grip and self-adhesive strength.

The clear, residue-free film can be stretched to 100%, which contributes to its excellent tear resistance. Clear cast film rolls have an extended core that acts as a handle, making the strapping process easier. You can use stretch wrap for moving to wrap boxes.

ItemPaper CoreWidth(cm)Thickness (um/micron)Length(m)
mini stretch film1”/1.5”   (25mm)/(38mm)7cm-15cm8mic-30micron100-300

5layers Co-Extruded Silage Wrap Films for Grass Baler

Forage film is a product specially developed for the storage of forage grass. It is almost the same as industrial film, but has its own characteristics.

Good weather resistance, which can prevent the film from aging and damage after packaging forage.

It has a blocking effect on the light and prevents the grass from rotting due to excessive temperature.
Special wrapping film for forage storage.

Compared with other pasture storage methods, it has lower cost, better mobility and weather resistance.

temPaper CoreWidth(cm)Thickness(um/micron)Length(m)
silage wrap film76250/500/75025/28/301500/1800

Excellent Virgin Material .Top Qualities

ECO and Non-toxic

Top quality virgin LLDPE
Virgin material is the base of stretch wrap quality

High flexibility

High flexibility and puncture resistance,durable and not easy damaged, 500% stretch max. lower your cost

Thin paper core

Pure pape core,Refuse cements

Stretch Film

Providing Clients Cost Performance Stretch Wrap

Deruna filmmm

strong product strength

  • Hand / manual stretch film, Machine wrapping film, Mini stretch wrap, Forage film,pallet stretch wrap,
    black pallet wrap, clear  and other types of plastic stretch film wrap products.
  • 12 years specialized experiences in RD and production capable company;
  • Continuous train of team,grasp new tech,fulfill clients’ demands.
  • Wide range of stretch wrap gauge:20×5000,30×5000,15×1500,16×1500,18×1500,20×9000……

Our stretch film price is 100% factory price ,if you want to buy large stretch wrap/machine stretch wrap,please contact us—stretch film suppliers.

Strict quality control

  • We know that high quality products are the basis for the long-term development of enterprises, and we strictly control the quality of each product.
  • Our wrapping film roll are subject to pre-production sample confirmation, more than two mid-term inspections and a random sampling at the end of the box, to firmly control the quality of our products and at the same time strive for low cost in each link to achieve greater customer benefits.
Deruna strenth film
Deruna films11

Delivery service

  • Solve all your troubles and create value for customers.
  • With its own logistics team, it can deliver goods freely within the specified time and take full care of customers.
  • The team on duty for 12 hours will respond to your requirements as soon as possible.

FAQs of Plastic Stretch Film

In fact, the two can be said to be the same product, just wrap film includes more, plastic stretch wrap is also called stretch wrap, but some wrap film can be stretched, some wrap film can not be stretched, in other words the stretch rate is low, so moving wrap is classified under the range of wrap film.

From single-layer trend to two-layer, three-layer; even to multi-layer cast stretch film, nowadays the flow casting method is mainly used to produce and manufacture LLDPE stretch wrap, and the initial LLDPE stretch wrap is blown film.

Cast stretch wrap packaging is stretch film packaging that is formed by feeding a heated resin sheet with a rolling path with cooling rolls and then curing the film. It is then formed into large rolls stretch wrap in China.

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Customer Feedback

We buy black stretch wrap from them.We used this stretch wrap for moving for pallet wrapping to prepare three kayaks for wintering outside. This packaging material is durable, easy to use, holds the kayaks well, and provides strong weather and biologically resistant protection.

Deruna team 6

I tried many options and found this machine grade stretch film wrap for pallet wrapping to be the most effective because it can hold buckets of paint, metal rods, studs, reels and wires. Most industrial stretch wrap will hold lighter items well, but when it comes to anything over 10 pounds, there is a clear difference between the cheaper thinner wrapping pallets and the more expensive quality. Very happy with this, great product, highly recommend it to anyone!

Deruna Stretch Film 1

This product of film for silage stops weeds in my garden. It works as expected. The quality is very good (heavy and dense). Very useful for eliminating any possibility of weed invasion.

Deruna Stretch Film 7

I had never used stretch wrap to protect items for movement before. I ordered the stretch wrap used on this packaging machine to try it out. It worked great. However, I thought I ran out, so I bought another brand (which cost more, by the way). Man, I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't tried this stuff first. This stuff is great.

Deruna Stretch Film 4

This green silage packaging stretch film is simply fantastic, great product, not the cheap junk I used to buy, works great!

Deruna Stretch Film 5
Tom Designation

The package looks good. I can easily wrap things with this Pe stretch film for packing. It's very sticky and works great!!! The film is thicker and fits better than other products I have used. I highly recommend purchasing this product.

Deruna Stretch Film 6
Franch Designation

This stretch wrap manual wrap and stretch wrap roll hand wrapping from them works well, easy to use and grip. I use it to secure my jewelry to the shelf. It saves time unloading items while I just wrap it and the viola for easy movement.

Deruna Stretch Film 2

I like the thickness and durability of the stretch film roll used in stretch film machine, which has just the right amount of grip to hold tightly to the items wrapped inside. I use it to wrap delicate glass in bubble wrap instead of using tape to hold the bubbles in place. It works amazingly well and is much less expensive.

Deruna Stretch Film 3
K. Jenkins Designation

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