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Silage Film

Silage Film for Round Bales and Square Bales

Silage film is a kind of wrapping plastic film. It is a supporting product for silage balers at home and abroad. Specially used for silage corn, alfalfa and other silage cattle and sheep.Certain tensile properties, puncture resistance and UV resistance.
The film used for silage forage is called silage film. Generally, high-quality forage varieties are grown in farms, such as silage film for moisturizing forage grass, sweet elephant grass, and imperial bamboo grass.

We offer a full range of silage cover sizes, but the most sold is the 500mm silage wrap film and 750mm silage wrap,

Width(mm)Length(m)Thickness(um/micron)Core ID(mm)ColorPacking
250/500/7501500/180025/28/3076white/black/gree/pink1roll/carton,with pallet
5layers Co-Extruded Silage Wrap Films for Grass Baler

The advantages of our silage films & wraps

  1. The surface of the silage film is sticky, with good adhesion between layers, and the packaging is impermeable to oxygen and water, forming an internal anaerobic environment and reducing deterioration.
  2. The silage film has sufficient strength, including: tensile strength, tear resistance and puncture resistance, to ensure that the forage grass is not damaged during the silage process, and to maintain an anaerobic environment.
  3. The silage film is soft, resistant to low temperature, and will not be embrittled or cracked in cold environments.
  4. The silage film is opaque to ensure low light transmittance and avoid heat accumulation.
  5. Long service life, the packaged straw bales can be stored in the field.
  6. Stable and resistant to sun (ultraviolet) damage (two years of outdoor exposure).
  7. The reasonable ratio of low-temperature triggers ensures that the fermented bags are within 3/1000.
  8. High load holding capacity (keep the package firm).
Deruna Silage Film1
Deruna Silage Film2

plastic silage wrap& agricultural stretch film for special requirements

Do you have special requirements for silage film? Thanks to their versatility, our silage films are suitable for a wide range of requirements and feeds in agriculture. We are happy to advise you on suitable agri seal silage film for your winder and look forward to contacting you by  We will give you the best silage film price.

Forage silage film use instructions and precautions

  1. Before using the grass silage film, the film roll should be checked to ensure that the upper and lower ends are not broken or damaged, otherwise it can lead to a broken film during the baling process, affecting the baling quality and efficiency.
  2. During the baling process using grass silage film, the latter layer should cover 50% of the previous layer to ensure tightness and tightness of the baling. The number of layers can be decided according to the storage time and light conditions, generally 2-4 layers.
  3. Forage silage film should not be over-stretched during use, otherwise it will affect the storage effect after baling.
  4.  Silage bales are suitable for parallel transport after baling and should not be rolled to avoid breakage of the bales; any breakage should be repaired in time with plastic film or tape winding.
  5. Silage agriseal bale wrap film should be placed away from plants and livestock, and away from corrosive and toxic chemicals, fuels, etc. The bales should be inspected regularly and dealt with promptly if they are damaged or decayed.
Deruna Silage Film 2

Comon sizes and package

Material: PE

Thickness: 20mic-45mic

Width: 50mm-750mm

Length: 1500m-2500m

Net weight: 15KG-25KG

Color: white, green or according to

customer requirements

Packaging: 1roll per

carton,56cartons per pallet


Our silage stretch film samples are free, but the buyer needs to bear the freight. Sample time: 2-5 working days

1.We have more than 16 years’ experience.
2.We are a professional silage film supplier and can provide customized services to customers around the world.

Please provide us with detailed product information, such as size (our most popular is250 bale wrap,500mm bale wrap,750 bale wrap), color(black/white silage wrap), specific purchase quantity and packaging requirements, etc.

If you want to purchase a lot of quantity, please contact our salesman first, who can offer you an additional discount.

We have a complete quality assurance system and will conduct self-inspection on each production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system

We have 11 product lines, we can guarantee you on-time delivery within 7-15 days after receiving the deposit

We are factory, give export orders and keep updating progress from production to delivery.

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