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The Largest Manufacturers of Paper Doilies in China, Factory Price Wholesale, MOQ:100,000pcs

Shape: Round, Oval, Rectangle, Heart
Sizes: 3.5inch-14inch or Customized
Design: Apple, Sakura, Rose, Flame
Material: Food Grade Paper
Color: White,Gold,Silver,Colorful Pattern or Customized
Feature: No Fluorescent Agent,Odorless,Thickened Designd
Views: 34383
Packing: 100pcs/bag, 600bags/carton
Application: Caterers & Canteens, Restaurants, Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services, Food & Beverage Stores, Food & Beverage Manufacture
 4.9 /5 based on 177 votes
Supply Ability: 1,000,000 pcs/Day In stock Fast Delivery! From – Deruna Internatinal
Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking Original source

Paper Doilies: The Complete Guide

Are you looking for a manufacturer of paper doilies? If so, this is your reading guide. Because all aspects of the paper cloak process will be brought. And technology, application areas-you will learn everything you need to know here, continue reading, I can become an expert in lace paper doily bulk in the future.

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The Shapes & Colors We Can Make on Paper Doilies:

Our paper lace doilies are 100% virgin wood pulp Adopt the original wood pulp, do not contain fluorescent agent, safe and healthy. High-temperature resistance. Resistance of Baking Paper to high temperature can reach 230-celsius degrees. Simple packaging. Simple packaging, bring you convenience and health. Using safe material.Safe material, using at ease.Reliable brand. For the safety of your health, brand choice is very important.

round apple paper doilies
Round Papepr doilies
oval apple paper doilies
Oval Paper Doilies
rectangle apple paper doilies
Rectangular Paper Doilies
heart ROSE paper doilies
Heart Shaped Doilies
paper doilies set
Paper Doilies Set
Custom Packaging
Custom Packaging

Best selling style in 2021:

Deruna Spot Style Paper Doilies
Spot Style Paper Doilies
Deruna Middle East Style Paper Doilies
Middle East Style Paper Doilies
Deruna Middle East Style Paper Doilies 3
Middle East Style Paper Doilies
Deruna Middle East Style Paper Doilies 2
Middle East Style Paper Doilies
Deruna Gold Foil Paper Doilies
Gold Foil Paper Doilies
Deruna Silver Foil Paper Doilies
Silver Foil Paper Doilies
Deruna Heart Paper Doilies 1
Heart Paper Doilies
Deruna Christmas Paper Doilies
Christmas Paper Doilies

Sweet and delicate, very suitable.

Baby showers, weddings, bag tops, gift wraps, scrapbooks, handmade, tea parties, and more! “These beautiful colored paper doilies are perfect and very convenient to show the elegant and professional side. Super convenient and great the value of!!!!”
white paper doilies
White Doilies
metallic paper doilies
Metallic(Gold Silver Foil Doilies)
black paper doilies
Black Paper Doilies
Off White Paper Doilies
Off White
burgundy paper doilies
Pink Paper Doilies
Pink Paper Doilies
Blue Paper Doilies
Blue Paper Doilies
Brown Paper Doilies
Brown Paper Doilies
light pink paper doilies
Light Pink
Hot Pink Paper Doilies
Hot Pink
Red Paper Doilies
Red Paper Doilies
Light Blue Paper Doilies
Light Blue
Teal Paper Doilies
Aqua Paper Doilies
Green green Paper Doilies
Coral Paper Doilies
Dark Blue Paper Doilies
Dark Blue
Yellow Paper Doilies
Purple Paper Doilies
Purple Paper Doilies
Orange Paper Doilies
Mauve Paper Doilies
Light Green Paper Doilies
Light Green
Green Paper Doilies
Dark Purple Paper Doilies
Dark Purple
Gold Paper Doilies
Gold Paper Doilies

Parameter of Paper Doilies

Paper doilies (doily paper, lace paper doily)  are customized in various sizes and shapes. They are usually round, square, oval and heart-shaped. It has the characteristics of elegance, easy cleaning, perfect decoration, creativity, adjustment and so on. White, colorful, gold and silver paper doilies can be customized. It is widely used in dessert shops, restaurants, boutiques, etc.


We can produce paper in various colors and sizes.

ShipSize(Inch)DeisgnPackingCarton Size(CM)G.W.(KG)
round apple paper doilies
Round Paper doilies
3.5″(9cm)Apple 200201239*39*3118
4″(9.5cm)Apple 200201243*43*3120
6.5″(16cm)Apple 20081252.5*36.5*3226
11.5″(29cm) Flame2008462*32*3333
12″(30.3cm)Apple 2008465*33.5*3232
12.5″(31.5cm) Flame2008468*35*3332
13.5″(34cm) Rose2008472*37*3336
14″(35.5cm) Rose2008438.5*38.5*6237
oval apple paper doilies
Oval Paper Doilies
6.5″*9″(16*23cm)Apple 2008850*36*48.525
7.5″*10.5″(19*26.5cm)Apple 2008856*42*3331
8.5″*12.5″(22*31.4cm)Apple 2008668*35*3332
10.5″*14″(26*35cm)Apple 2008650*36*3123
rectangle apple paper doilies
Rectangular Doilies
8″*12″(20*30cm)Apple 2008446*28*3719
10″*14″(25*35cm)Apple 2008346*28*3722
10″*14.5″(25*37cm)Apple 2008346*28*3923
12″*15.5″(30*40cm)Apple 2008343*33*48.529
12.5″*17.5″(32*45cm)Apple 2008346*35*4634
14″*18″(35*45cm)Apple 2008249*39*3126
15.5″*19.5″(40*50cm)Apple 2008253*43*3131
heart ROSE paper doilies
Heart Doilies
4″(10cm) Rose200201242*42*4218
6″(15cm) Rose20020860*31*4126
8″(20.3cm) Rose20020860*31*4128
10″(25.4cm) Rose2008657*29*4729

What is paper doilies?

These charming lace doilies are the perfect choice to enhance any event, from company dinners to wedding receptions and tea parties! In an instant, the goods you show will change from boring to beautiful. In an instant, the good things you show will change from boring to beautiful, creating a presentation that will make your guests unforgettable.

Elegant Lace Design

Each circle, circle, and circle around the edges of these disposable tissues are designed according to grandmother’s lace, bringing traditional and exquisite charm to your table and display. doyley paper.

Charming Presentation

Place under plates, cups, plates or bowls to highlight your dishes and cooking works. These visually attractive doilies will bring attention to your food with their charming details. Your guests are welcome to taste that dish. A delicious appetizer, or pick up that chocolate chip cookie.

Disposable Material

white paper doilies Made of sturdy paper material, these tablecloths will be used continuously during your activities while maintaining their elegance. In addition, they can be thrown away at the end of the party, making cleanup quick and easy.

Environment Friendly Ink

The color is printed with environmentally friendly ink, will not fade, safe and secure, small paper doilies.

Application Areas of Paper Doilies

Their classic colors and chic lace patterns make them a lovely choice for any special celebrations-birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bridal parties, holiday parties, etc. The paper doily placemats for sale can also be used for various DIY party crafts, such as colored paper tubes and customized location settings.

Christmas Paper Doilies
Christmas Paper Doilies
wedding paper doilies
Wedding Gold Doilies
Cake Paper Doilies
Cake Doilies
Vintage Paper Doilies
Party City Doilies

Most Helpful Reviews

Sissy Large Paper Doilies@ Beautiful dollies
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I look forward to using more of these dolls in different sizes and colors. I am so glad I found these unique dolls! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to add beauty to their baked goods!
Account Rose Gold Doilies@Five Stars
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Very good product, exactly as described. Very easy to separate and very cute! ! .
Trishak paper doilies for cakes@Good value
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These are great! You can get a lot of money. I used them in my anniversary shower and they were perfect. There are so many sizes to choose from and I will use them again because I have some sizes left.
Dyed Categories paper doilies bulk@nice item returns
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From when I asked for a quotation to when I received the product, I was really satisfied with the quick response received. I will place another order. The quality of the doily is good Very good product, exactly as described. Very easy to separate and very cute! ! .
enery paper lace placemats@Love
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I use this in my cake dome. It looks good and gentle. It also looks antique and perfect. It avoids frequent cleaning of wood. I like it.
Nay Con use of paper doilies@Grandkids love them!
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We use them for manual work. The little fingers are easy to separate and can also be glued together.
Lydia Martinez floral paper doilies@Beautiful Food Presentation!
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These things are very beautiful and very beautiful in terms of food placement. I shopped everywhere and finally found them on Amazon, and the prices are very good.
paper doilies reject shop@Doilies value.
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I am very satisfied with their speed and quality. Their quality quickly received customized goods, suitable for all occasions.
Angela Johnson Item@information Good
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This is my third order from Deruna Our orders are getting larger and larger, and the degree of customization is getting higher and higher. They are very professional in controlling quantity and color. We will continue to maintain a business relationship with the company.
Chris Cards@personal decorative
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Delivered as promised, I am very satisfied with this product.
Beryl mini set@Adds finesse to your
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Good quality, fast production and delivery-the sales staff is very efficient and attentive-this is my second order and will soon cooperate with this company again.
DaisyJS@Make your plates look
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Are these food-grade paper cloaks? Can food be placed directly on paper? Yes, of course.
Stephen Prior@please inc top Nice
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The paper lace cloak is easy to separate, it is not sticky, and it is grade III oil resistant. The seller is very professional and very helpful. This is really a pleasant cooperation. Very good quality and service. Afternoon tray
Mrs Letaief View@Great items to present
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I want to use them to make tea cups and saucers to catch any water droplets in the cup? Your cake/food I don't think they are the easiest to absorb. I used to make crafts with these things with my kids-too much PVA, they started to fall apart.
Jay Decorations@Did what was needed
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Can these items be placed under the cold drink to catch the condensed water droplets? Hi. They can work normally, but they must not be reused when wet.
illuminate 89 store@Lovely
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Are these fabric or paper? is paper
Larry Done@Table what was needed
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These are ordered for craft/art use. They are thin and smooth, easy to cut and paste.
Letaief Pack@Supplies
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Use it to introduce cakes and desserts, they make them look beautiful.
Daisy Cart@Make your plates!
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There are many options, and the design is very beautiful. It looks very nice
Fred Floral@Looks and price
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Perfect for my afternoon tea and put it on my cake stand
Art Fred@Amazing value decor
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It's really valuable, there are many in various sizes.
Brianna Lazo Act@description sell options
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It came very promptly and the price is very good. The size is very good. The durability is uncertain, I need to try it first, but I am sure they will be used once and then thrown in the trash can. They cannot be reused. Once I put it on the table, I will take a picture.
sign catering season@box program owned
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It is a great addition to banquet plates or gift foods. The cloak makes the plate beautiful. There may be heavier cloaks, but for our purposes, these cloaks can accomplish the task.
favorites low@best wholesale
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Thin paper, but it works well. I use it for my decorations and it looks very elegant. I will definitely buy this again.

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