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Application of Flexographic Printing in Newspaper Advertising

Flexographic printing was first used in newspaper printing in the United States in the mid-1970s.

The Function of Packaging and Printing Technology in Logistics Management

Packaging and printing is an important part of logistics management. For packaging, the quality of printing, the processing of various graphic information and the rational use of printing technology not only add color to the packaging, but also play a finishing touch for consumer identification and purchase. It also plays a great role in other links of logistics management.

Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

Beauty as the goal is a comprehensive form of the combination of decoration design and packaging engineering. Therefore, it is a combination of technology and art. At the same time, it integrates human, material and environmental factors in the process of use, especially the combination of packaging and printing materials, modeling and illustration, reflecting the image of artifacts.

Packaging Power Comes From Respect for Consumers

Why do we have to make packaging? This is the most basic problem. From the original function of paying attention to its transportation, storage and use in order to maintain the value and original state of commodities, to beautifying commodities and attracting purchases, we give them the expression of words, symbols, patterns, signs and colors. So, what do we ignore after designing so many brands? We ignore the real needs and wishes of consumers.