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Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

       Beauty as the goal is a comprehensive form of the combination of decoration design and packaging engineering. Therefore, it is a combination of technology and art.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

        At the same time, it integrates human, material and environmental factors in the process of use, especially the combination of packaging and printing materials, modeling and illustration, reflecting the image of artifacts. Moreover, because the external interface of packaging appeals to human vision with a direct and artistic image, it can guide people’s consumption choice and improve fashion consumption taste in commodity marketing activities.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

      Packaging culture form. The form of packaging culture can be understood from three aspects

       The first is the utensil layer, which is the sum of packaging design activities. It is a product form that can be perceived, grasped and has material entities. It also constitutes the basis of the whole packaging culture, mainly for the purpose of marketing. The creative activities integrating social, economic, artistic and psychological elements reflect people’s cognition and creativity of packaging design as the unity of creation and aesthetics, and also reflect the development level of productivity in a certain social stage.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

      The second is the institutional level. Packaging design is a social activity, and forms policies, regulations, standards and procedures with the role of guarantee and promotion in the long-term production process. The establishment of social system norms in organization and management is not directly related to cultural resources, but its nature and development level are ultimately determined by the way of energy exchange between people and cultural resources. Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

       The third is the spiritual culture layer, which is the value concept, mode of thinking and moral sentiment cultivated by human beings in social practice and consciousness activities for a long time. Packaging culture will specifically reflect people’s requirements, wishes, emotions, cognition and judgment in the process of purchase and use. Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

       In the above triple cultural structure, the utensil layer and system layer are external material forms, which are easy to grasp, while the spiritual culture layer is reflected in the psychological depths of people’s individuals and groups, which is difficult to grasp.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

       In the research of packaging culture, we should conduct dynamic research from the multi-dimensional structure and interaction of cultural forms, so as to correct our cognitive views, more deeply understand and grasp the consumption mentality of packaging design market, and guide our design practice. Functional value of packaging design.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

      Third, the embodiment of the functional value of packaging design in the cultural sense can be viewed from different angles, which mainly refers to the relationship between people and things, the relationship between the environment composed of things and people; It is to meet the structural requirements of nature and society. Efficiency and Function

         Specifically, it is summarized and analyzed around the two major purposes of packaging in the circulation process: protecting products and promoting product sales. First, use. Reasonable use can improve the use value of packaged products. Whether large electrical appliances or small daily necessities, the rationality of their packaging should be considered, which meets the requirements of human physiological scale and psychological acceptance in ergonomics, so that consumers can experience the improvement of packaging on lifestyle and quality of life. Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

        At the same time, people’s behavior, experience and experience of their own actions accumulated in the process of use will promote the germination of people’s creative idea and design motivation. Second, transportation. Transportation includes the displacement activities of packaged products in the process of manufacturing, storage and sales, such as reasonable shape and size and quantitative assembly, which will affect the energy efficiency in the packaging process.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

       This function requires a certain choice of packaging materials, materials, dimensions, quality and shapes. Third, marketing. It mainly includes the purposeful activities carried out by regional agents and retailers to promote sales benefits. The packaging is required to be convenient for store placement and shelf storage, and the packaging container can be easily used.Packaging Culture Pursues Efficiency and Function

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