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The suction pipe uses the principle of atmospheric pressure. When it is used, it suck some air to the straw.

All kinds of suckers will cause the pressure inside the tube to become smaller. In order to balance the pressure, atmospheric pressure will force the liquid in the tube to rise. When the air is stopped, the liquid in the tube drops and the pressure returns to equilibrium. This is the wonderful principle and application of the suction tube.

The traditional disposable plastic sucker is very polluting and waste material very much. How to solve this problem, now we find a way, that is, the paper sucker, environmental protection and durable, environmentally friendly, easy to use, is the choice of a new generation of young people.

It is 100% degradable ,eco-friendly

They measure 197mm(7.75”) in length , 6mm(0.236”) in outer diameter and 5mm(1.97”) in inner diameter.

Paper Party Straw
Paper Party Straw

Why Can’t Paper Party Straws Be Recycled?

There are a few large barriers to paper straw recycling, which I’ll explain below.

1. Some Paper Straws Are Lined With Non-Recyclable Plastic
Some “paper” straws have a plastic lining inside the inner layer of the straw. This is supposed to prevent the straw from getting soggy, but also makes the straw non-recyclable.

2. Most Recyclers Do Not Accept Food-Contaminated Products
Another barrier in the recycling process is that most recyclers do NOT accept food-contaminated products. This means that if your straw has been soaked in anything other than water, it will likely be rejected at the recycling facility.

Keep in mind that not all recyclers reject food-contaminated products, so this does depend on your location and the garbage collection process in your area.

Paper Party Straws Display

Paper Party Straw

Paper Party Straw


1.Q:What’s your EOQ?
A:Our EOQ is 50000 pcs.

2: Q:Can you customize small quantities?
A: Yes, no problem, no matter how much quantities can be customized.

3.Q:What is your payment terms?
A:30% T/T in advance,70% before shipment.

4.Q:Can you inform your delivery time?
A:Normally it takes 7~15days to finish the goods after receiving the deposite.

5.Q:Can you make customers design? 
A: Yes,the size, logo,color and lace type all can be made as your request.