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BLOCC Acrylic Face Shield

Deruna BLOCC Face Shield

Anti-fog Eye Protection Fashionable Lightweight Full Face Covering Protective Acrylic Face Shield

Material:Polycarbonate PC
Size: 16*13.5cm
Color: Transparent,Gray,Blue,Purple,Tawny,Orange,Red,Pink,Green,Rainbow
Style: Adult Type, Child Type
Views: 54383
Feature:Anti-fog, Dust, Saliva etc.
Packing: 10pcs/box,20boxs/ctn
Carton Size: 87*41*68cm
Carton Weight: 23KG
 4.9 /5 based on 277 votes
Standard Price: $1.5 /pcs
Supply Ability: 10,000 pcs/day In stock Fast Delivery! From – Deruna Internatinal
Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking Original source

Why Choose Us


Blocc face shield is coated with fog and scratch-resistant coatings to mitigate fogging and minor scratches on the shield’s surface.

Deruna Full Face Covering Protective Face Shield​
Deruna Eye ProtectionFace Shield​


Blocc face shield is reusable. Simply wash it thoroughly with soap and water using your hands after use on a daily basis, and dry it with soft towel.

STYLISH YET COMFORTABLE -The ergonomic and minimalist design
makes Blocc a comfortable and stylish face shield to wear in public.


Blocc face shield is made of polycarbonate – a durable material used for protective goggles.
EASY TO WEAR – Blocc is lightweight and designed to be worn like glasses, reducing the uneasy feeling of wearing a face shield.

Deruna Acrylic Face Shield​

Optional Style & Color

double gray
Double Gray
light blue
Light Blue
double tawny
Double Tawny
Deruna Rainbow Blocc Face Shield
kid face shield
Kid Face Shield

Customer Questions & Answers

Answer: Yes , theses face shield sunglasses can hold up to the wind when you cycling or biking, also can hold its shape.
Answer: Yes,you can, and no fog.
Answer: These visor have UV400 protection,good for outdoor.
Answer: My shield sunglasses are clear, and I already suffer from a disease that has vertigo associated with it. I have had no problems with vertigo while wearing this face shield.

Most Helpful Reviews

Vicky Adames@Money worth
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I love this goggle shield. I am about to order some more. I drive a 3 wheel motorcycle and my vision is clear, no foggy haze and it covers my face fully
bojo@Does the job!
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Amazingly priced product, clear and breathable! They have the same quality, are clearer than others, and are much cheaper! Highly recommended! ! Very clear tolerance visor! Help me block the wind and dust and other things facing me! It is highly recommended because it is an extra layer of protection.
Hilbre-Island-for-me@Highly useful
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I saw these on lines and similar ones someone was wearing on a recent tv show and thought they looked nice as they cover eyes, nose & mouth.
Karen Dickey Goley@Great for filters
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I like that I can use dry erase markers on it to decorate for my patients so that they can see something cheerful! It is anti-fog so it doesn’t get cloudy. It doesn’t work great with glasses though.
Shelby McGalliard@Good choice
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Great shield. I have tried several these are the ones I recommend. Wear all day, nice design and super comfortable.
Amanda Korobkin@Amanda Korobkin
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I'm working in a primary doctors office and have to wear a mask all the time also wear glasses.i find this face shield comfortable and pretty light .i would recommend this to anyone.thank you Kat. STAY SAFE 💕
Mandi@Great for the curly girl method!
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I ordered 5 of these masks for myself and my staff. With what we do (wedding planners and designers), we are consistently in front of brides, families, vendors and suppliers. Business relationships are important and I felt some kind of way about covering half my face with a fabric mask. Also those make it a little constricting to breathe.
Gabby@Perfect for nurses
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Great option to protect eyes. Worn over face mask. Light weight and fits smaller and larger faces. Fits next to forehead vs being open like other “shields’. We think this is more protective. Often forget I’m wearing it. Need to periodically spray anti fog on it. Friends have asked for the link and ordered after seeing me wear the face shield.
Chez Mic@Does the job well!
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I love this face shield very much. I get asked almost everyday at a store where I bought it from. It doesn't look silly or ridiculous . People say I look like buzz lighter 😂. It doesn't fog up, it fits perfect (but I'm 108 at 5"1). I wear this for work up to 8 hours a day whole massaging . I bought it because my face was breaking out from the masks while sweating all day at work . My cheeks and jaw line have drastically cleared up in the one month I've been wearing it . I never wear masks anymore . I love it !
Jessica G@Great hair nets for a great price
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This is amazing for work! You can turn your head while giving care and it not shift because you hit your shoulder with the bottom, you can bend your head without dislodging it. I will only use this kind now as long as we have to wear shields!
John Doe
John Doe@username
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With this Covid situation, my sister in law wanted some face protection that looked good. I saw this advertised and she liked it. When it came in we were surprised at the high quality of the product. She will now use a face mask plus this also, even though she can use it alone.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Streamlined, fog free, and so clear that you will hit the shield when scratching your nose... You will forget it's on. The structure is sturdy and high quality.