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Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

      Why do we have to make packaging? This is the most basic problem. From the original function of paying attention to its transportation, storage and use in order to maintain the value and original state of commodities, to beautifying commodities and attracting purchases, we give them the expression of words, symbols, patterns, signs and colors. So, what do we ignore after designing so many brands? We ignore the real needs and wishes of consumers..Packaging power comes from respect for consumers.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers.

Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

■ high cost packaging line and not far away,Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

      What do consumers really need? The most essential is undoubtedly cheap and good quality. We often use more and more packaging materials in product development and design. It can be described as gold, silver, copper, iron, tin, mahogany, ebony and nanmu. Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

      There is no doubt that our packaging is really beautiful, but the price of packaging materials is ridiculously high. Reflecting on the packaging design of Baijiu for many years is actually not a consumer’s desire, but what we sell to them is what we instilled in them. Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

      Imagine that the cost of packaging materials accounts for as much as 10% of the cost of a 20 terminal price wine. After counting its channel profit retention, warehousing and transportation and advertising support, isn’t the cost of wine only a few cents? It is far from the classics.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

      Why did this happen? The need for market competition is a statement, but it is not a convincing reason. Any deformity, whether material form or ideology, is bound to go a long way. Will there be a day when the state rectifies the moon cake packaging market and the wine packaging market? We should all be alert.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

■ it’s best to be simple and clever

      So, how will packaging be done? I think we should take its beauty and work its dexterity. The primary design is to control the cost. White cards can also make good design, gold and silver cardboard can be infinite, and glass bottles can not be white, but add interest. Chinese culture is broad and profound. We can’t catch up with it in our poor life. Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

        The wonderful understanding of the history subset can’t be spread to the wine brand. Starting with the essence of the country’s culture, it should be a beautiful thing for designers, enterprises and industries. Of course, the product name “princes and generals” is not easy to do. This is an alternative culture. I don’t like this kind of product.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

       As designers, we have no choice but to do some luxury packaging. In fact, luxury packaging, with good design and high-grade materials, will be very brilliant. I often joke with my peers. In fact, the design price of a single white card box should be higher than that of a large gift box, because a single box is really in my mind, but few people understand it.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

     Emphasizing the concept of brand building is a real service for the wine industry. The packaging is controlled, the wine quality is better, so that consumers can really get some benefits and make the brand more competitive.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

■ brand support

     Cost control, its product packaging is not as luxurious as some products. Therefore, some people worry that such packaging display sales competitiveness is not strong. In fact, this is a brand building problem. Is packaging above the brand, or does the brand lead the packaging trend? Of course, the latter. Wine packaging without basic design has no vitality. “If the skin does not exist, how can the hair be attached”.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

       Most Baijiu liquor brands develop narrowly into packaging development, and make a so-called image product, then low and medium grade, and so on. In fact, no matter how beautiful the packaging is, it will not last forever. The memory of any century old brand is a simple image, which must not be just a package. Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

        The image is constructed under the guidance of a unified brand cultural connotation, which needs to be continuously deepened and sublimated, which needs to be maintained by designers and followed by many generations of designers. The packaging of goods with brand value can control the cost. At this point, “Jinliufu” really does a good job.Packaging power comes from respect for consumers

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