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Uses Of Paper Doilies And How To Choose The Best One

Uses Of Paper Doilies And How To Choose The Best One A paper doily is a decorative mat made of paper. Typically a doily can also be made from fabric. It usually comes in a wide range of colors. Paper doilies are characterized by openwork that allows the underlying object’s surface to show through. Note that doilies are also referred to as dollies (singular -dolly). This post looks at common paper doily or paper dolly uses and choosing the best one. Uses of a paper doily Paper doilies are simple but highly beneficial products for any homeowner. Below are some ways in which you can use these ornamental mats; 1. Decorating your table setting As mentioned before, paper doilies are decorative mats. However, it is worth clarifying that they are not conventional floor mats but table mats. Therefore, they can be used for decorating your dining table. Here, all you have to do is choose the right type, style, and size, then place them on your table. Note that the paper doilie […]