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How to make a face mask at home?

The epidemic affects the whole country, and wearing masks has become an important part of fighting the epidemic.
Due to the prolonged time of fighting the epidemic and the huge number of masks consumed, there was a serious shortage of masks.
On the one hand, a few illegal businesses took the opportunity to raise prices, on the other hand

How long can you wear a disposable mask for?

How long a disposable mask can be worn depends on the user and the actual situation. Disposable masks should not exceed 4 hours.
The specific time should be determined according to the environment in which you wear the mask.
If someone who comes into contact with the flu or the virus carrier needs to be replaced immediately to reduce the infection, during the prevention of the disease

What level mask should dental hygienist wear?

What grade of mask should the dental hygienist wear?
1 Different types of masks should be selected according to different operating requirements.
2 For general diagnosis and treatment activities, you can wear gauze masks or surgical masks; you should wear surgical masks when working in the operating room or nursing patients with low immune function

What is the difference between a surgical mask and an n95 mask

N95 masks and medical surgical masks are currently very good at preventing the spread of respiratory droplets and isolating viruses and bacteria.
The difference between them should be that the sealing of N95 masks will be better.
If it is in an open environment, it is recommended to wear a medical surgical mask.