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N95 masks and medical surgical masks are currently very good at preventing the spread of respiratory droplets and isolating viruses and bacteria. The difference between them should be that the sealing of N95 masks will be better.

If it is in an open environment, it is recommended to wear a medical surgical mask. If it is in a densely populated area, or in an outbreak area, or in a hospital, and medical workers, it is recommended to wear a N95 mask, and wear no breathing N95 mask for the valve. The mask must be worn correctly, otherwise it will not protect you, and a mask cannot be worn for a long time. It should be used continuously for more than 4 hours. It is recommended to replace it in time.

1. N95 masks and medical surgical masks are commonly used in medicine, and can be used to protect against viruses. But their use environment is different, and their standards are different.

2. The N95 mask conforms to the compulsory standard of GB2626, and the filtration efficiency of non-oily particulate matter is ≥95%, which can effectively block pollutants such as droplets, body fluids, and blood.

3. N95 is suitable for use in the operating environment of medical staff, to prevent liquid from splashing through the mask, and can also be used in environments with high bacterial concentration.

4. The manufacturing standard of medical surgical masks is not as strict as N95, but it can meet the needs of the general public for protection against viruses. Medical surgical masks need to be replaced in time after use. Generally, they are replaced every 4 hours.

5. The N95 mask has a strong barrier, so it has a certain effect on breathing when worn, and the medical surgical mask will breathe easier when used. So for ordinary people choose medical surgical masks.

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