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Which tin foil and silicone oil paper oven to choose?

Which tin foil and silicone oil paper oven to choose? Which tin foil and silicone oil paper oven to choose?   With the continuous improvement of everyone’s living standards, the hygiene and appearance requirements of food packaging are also continuously improved. Therefore, food-grade silicone oil paper is often used in the current food industry to improve health and food hygiene. Both sides of food silicone oil paper are treated with silicone oil, so it is oil-proof, waterproof, anti-sticking and resistant to high temperatures. . Due to these characteristics, it is suitable for baking, roasting, steaming and frozen foods and it is necessary to use in the kitchen. Its use: baking, baking, steaming and freezing food, cake tray, baked pastry; candy packaging; food anti-sticking packaging, etc. Tin foil (aluminum foil) is also used in food packaging and cooking. Although silicone oil paper and foil are both high-temperature-resistant food packaging papers, they are actually differen […]

Can parchment paper go in the oven?

Can parchment paper go in the oven? Parchment paper has countless uses in the oven: use it to arrange baking trays so that the biscuits are easy to remove; protect the pie crust when baking; wrap vegetables and fish; or place it on the bottom of the cake pan for easy release. It is oven-proof, but not completely unheated. For example, it may burn at the high temperatures used to bake or bake pizza. The parchment paper has a non-stick coating and is suitable for almost any baked goods. It prevents the dough or batter from contacting the metal baking pan, thereby slowing down browning. For example, sugar cookies baked on parchment paper will not burn easily on the edges. It is also easy to clean up with parchment paper. Discard the paper after baking, the pan is basically clean. No greasy film surface needs cleaning. When you line the cake pan with parchment paper for easy release, put a little grease or cooking spray under it. This helps the paper stick to the pan so that the batter doe […]