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Which tin foil and silicone oil paper oven to choose?

Deruna 71ZLmK3PR L. AC SL1500

Which tin foil and silicone oil paper oven to choose?


With the continuous improvement of everyone’s living standards, the hygiene and appearance requirements of food packaging are also continuously improved. Therefore, food-grade silicone oil paper is often used in the current food industry to improve health and food hygiene. Both sides of food silicone oil paper are treated with silicone oil, so it is oil-proof, waterproof, anti-sticking and resistant to high temperatures. . Due to these characteristics, it is suitable for baking, roasting, steaming and frozen foods and it is necessary to use in the kitchen. Its use: baking, baking, steaming and freezing food, cake tray, baked pastry; candy packaging; food anti-sticking packaging, etc.

Tin foil (aluminum foil) is also used in food packaging and cooking. Although silicone oil paper and foil are both high-temperature-resistant food packaging papers, they are actually different.

Silicone Paper

Silicone paper, also called anti-stick paper, is a commonly used external packaging paper in daily life. It is composed of two layers of base paper and silicone oil. Silicone paper is a high-temperature baking paper that has been siliconized.0

Deruna 719mvZ4cKWL. AC SL1500

Aluminum Paper

Tin foil is actually aluminum foil. Aluminum foil paper, also used as aluminum foil, is a thin sheet with a thickness of less than 0.2mm processed by an aluminum foil rolling machine. It is mainly used for cooking in the kitchen, holding food, or making some simple clean materials.

The thermal conductivity of tin foil is very good, and it has airtightness. When baking some formulas of meat or vegetables, wrap the ingredients with foil, which can lock the moisture well and make the food appear fresh and tender. When baking biscuits or bread, tin foil can also be used to prevent adhesion.

  1. When roasting meat, we can also put tin foil on the bottom of the bakeware to receive grease, which is convenient for cleaning the bakeware.
  2. When baking the cake, cover the tin foil during the baking period to prevent the surface from becoming too dark. In addition, the heat radiation on the surface of the cake can be evened out to reduce the surface cracking.
  3. It is used to wrap meat for roasting, so that the roasted meat is tender and full of moisture.
  4. It can be used to wrap the movable bottom mold into a solid bottom mold, so that it can be baked in a water bath without a solid bottom mold.

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Cheaper than the grocery store, and good quality to boot. Can't go wrong.
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