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Benefits Of Stretch Film

Benefits Of Stretch Film The reason for making stretch film is simple: to reduce the damage of products during transportation and handling. It protects items during transportation by providing high friction coefficient in pallet products. What is stretch film? It is a highly stretchable plastic film, which is wrapped on articles during transportation. Also known as stretch packaging film, it is made of linear low-density polyethylene. Elastic recovery makes the items tightly combined. This prevents the package from slipping when handling a pile of products. How efficient is stretching the film? When high friction makes it difficult for people to handle or some types of packaging machines to slide, preventing sliding may not be an asset. Stretch packaging is often used to secure goods on pallets for transport when pulled and stretched around the goods. The plastic has memory and wants to restore to the original size. This elastic band effect holds the load tightly. Stretch packaging is […]

Main Differences Between Shrink Film And Stretch Film

Main Differences Between Shrink Film And Stretch Film When it comes to plastic film for packaging, if you are a novice, you may be confused. However, to know the key difference between shrink film and stretch film, it is very important to be able to distinguish them. The two films are often confused, but just because they are similar doesn’t mean they are the same. Stretch film and shrink film are manufactured for very different applications, and use in the wrong application may cause serious problems..For example, shrink film usually packages products through a hot channel. Using stretch film for the same operation may cause a fire. This is why when trying to find one material or the other, you must understand the difference between the two materials.Although these two kinds of films are most commonly used for pallet or other group shipping, it is important to understand their differences, because they are not made for the same work, because they are made of different materials. […]