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Main Differences Between Shrink Film And Stretch Film

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  • When it comes to plastic film for packaging, if you are a novice, you may be confused. However, to know the key difference between shrink film and stretch film, it is very important to be able to distinguish them. The two films are often confused, but just because they are similar doesn’t mean they are the same. Stretch film and shrink film are manufactured for very different applications, and use in the wrong application may cause serious problems..For example, shrink film usually packages products through a hot channel. Using stretch film for the same operation may cause a fire. This is why when trying to find one material or the other, you must understand the difference between the two materials.Although these two kinds of films are most commonly used for pallet or other group shipping, it is important to understand their differences, because they are not made for the same work, because they are made of different materials. If a person does not know the difference between the two, it will not only cause danger to the employees who use it, but also make everyone face the risk of goods damage and waste of part of the packaging budget. 

What is shrink film?

  • Shrink film, also known as shrink film, is a kind of packaging material made of polymer plastics, most commonly polyolefin, PVC or polyethylene. When the film is heated to a certain temperature, it will shrink to the shape of the packaged product. To achieve this, the film is usually heated with a heating gun or hot channel. Shrink film is a kind of plastic film, which is also used to fix goods. When a shrink film is used, it is loosely wrapped around something. The film is then exposed to high temperatures and begins to shrink and tighten around the product. This not only seals dirt and dust on the product or pallet, but also helps to stabilize it during transport and storage. It even resists tearing and effectively prevents contamination.

When to use shrink wrap?

  • Preservation of food and beverages for transportation
  • Protect retail products on the shelf
  • Shelter boats and patio furniture from the weather

What is the shrink film used for?

  • The heating gun is a hand-held tool that can quickly shrink small trays
  • The hot channel is a large device installed above or around the conveyor belt
  • The heater is a large oven built on site to activate multiple trays

What is stretch film?

  • Stretch film, also known as stretch packaging, is a film made of stretchable polymer based plastic film, which is used to package pallets for shipping products. The elasticity of the membrane ensures that the objects are tightly bound together. The stretch film is usually used in series with the stretch packaging machine to ensure the high carrying capacity of the pallet. When applied manually, stretch film is wrapped and stretched on the pallet of boxes of products with a tool called stretch packaging dispenser. This causes the pallet to be tightly wrapped before shipment. Fixing the product with packaging is called load control. Stretch packaging is a plastic film used to fix a batch of products, usually on a pallet. Its high elasticity enables it to tightly hold things, so it will not move during transportation or storage. Essentially, it wants to return to the untensioned state, which is why it provides such safe protective tension. The elastic film can also prevent dust and dirt, and is highly resistant to puncture and tear during transportation or storage.
Shrink Film

Some of the key benefits of shrink packaging include:

  • Product visibility is clearer
  • Grasp irregular objects more tightly to reduce displacement
  • Reduce the possibility of surface damage
  • Minimize oxygen in packaging
  • Prevent leakage
  • Breathable options
Stretch Film

There are two forms of stretch packaging, each of which has a different application mode:

  • The hand bag shall be applied by hand or manual applicator. It is most suitable for smaller goods or small batch warehouses. When tensioned, its extension length will be extended by about 25-100%.
  • Machine packaging When the pallet rotates on the turntable platform, it is applied by the power mechanical arm. It is most suitable for large goods and large capacity warehouses. It can stretch about 150-300% longer than the original length.

It also has special elastic packaging, which can be used for many purposes:

  • Ultraviolet rays prevent damage caused by sunlight
  • Ventilated helps prevent moisture accumulation
  • Anti static to prevent damage to electronic equipment
  • Colored for privacy, organization, even brand

The following are the main advantages of stretch wrapping:

  • Cost effective
  • Manual use without special tools
  • Can be used for heat sensitive products
  • It has a wide range of types, specifications and colors for different applications, including opaque and UV resistant varieties
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Provides a secure hold to prevent load transfer


  • Stretch film and shrink film have very different uses, but please feel free to visit our website stretchfilmdepot Www. com to learn more! We have distribution centers throughout the country, providing a large number of packaging supplies. Call today for free!
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