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Benefits Of Stretch Film

  • The reason for making stretch film is simple: to reduce the damage of products during transportation and handling. It protects items during transportation by providing high friction coefficient in pallet products.

What is stretch film?

  • It is a highly stretchable plastic film, which is wrapped on articles during transportation. Also known as stretch packaging film, it is made of linear low-density polyethylene. Elastic recovery makes the items tightly combined. This prevents the package from slipping when handling a pile of products.

How efficient is stretching the film?

  • When high friction makes it difficult for people to handle or some types of packaging machines to slide, preventing sliding may not be an asset. Stretch packaging is often used to secure goods on pallets for transport when pulled and stretched around the goods. The plastic has memory and wants to restore to the original size. This elastic band effect holds the load tightly. Stretch packaging is one of the most popular container and pallet packaging methods in the market today.
Stretch Film

How environmentally friendly is stretch film?

  • Unfortunately, it is often wasted, which is why 12.2% of plastic is wasted every year. As all these films will be wasted, recycling is often overlooked. It is usually made of linear low-density polyethylene, which makes it easier to recycle. By continuing to recycle it, we can not only save money but also help to keep the environment greener. For stretch films, suppliers also use fewer tapes and labels, which makes stretch films more valuable, so more can be recycled. As mentioned above, the it is 100% recyclable. If it is kept reasonably clean, it can recycle the money. This helps prevent plastic landfills, saves energy, and contributes to health and functional economics.

Stretch film means product protection

  • By packaging products with it, you can protect them from environmental factors that reduce the value of the product in transit, such as dust, dust or moisture. In addition, it is well known that UVI it can protect products stored outdoors from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Stretch packaging also allows a safe packaging of products to create a more stable load, with fewer opportunities to transfer, while moving your warehouse forklift to reduce product damage. Finally, the use of it on pallet cargo can also bring the following benefits: it is usually used in series with the stretch packaging machine to ensure the high carrying capacity of the pallet. When applied manually, stretch film is wrapped and stretched on the pallet of boxes of products with a tool called stretch packaging dispenser. This causes the pallet to be tightly wrapped before shipment. Fixing the product with packaging is called load control. Stretch packaging is a plastic film used to fix a batch of products, usually on a pallet. Its high elasticity enables it to tightly hold things, so it will not move during transportation or storage. Essentially, it wants to return to the untensioned state, which is why it provides such safe protective tension. The elastic film can also prevent dust and dirt, and is highly resistant to puncture and tear during transportation or storage.
  • Stretch packed goods are safer, thus minimizing transport damage
    Stretch film to keep the product free of dust, moisture and dirt.
  • UVI stretch film can protect products stored outdoors from ultraviolet rays.
  • The opaque stretch film can hide the load and reduce the chance of being stolen.
  • Stretch film to keep the product free of dust, moisture and dirt
Stretch film

Elastic wrap saves time

  • It has many advantages. Another reason why it is so useful is that it brings you efficiency benefits. You don’t need to waste a lot of time to apply it, and it won’t take up too much space in your warehouse. An example of this is how to put boxes together so that employees do not have to move one by one. This can save a lot of space and time, and also reduce the chance of damaging products during transportation. It is safe and will not move once it is wrapped tightly. There are even many ways to apply film, whether manual or stretch packaging machines, which are all safe packaging.

Add stretch film in your process today

  • It comes with many different benefits, not only for companies but for the environment as well. This is a film that is efficient and eco-friendly.
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