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Stretch film containment force (What you need to know)

Stretch film containment force is the most important factor in determining whether a load can be transported safely. With stretch film and pallets, binding is key. The aim of using stretch film correctly is to move the product on the pallet from point A to point B safely. You want to be able to do this safely and at the lowest possible cost. What is the correct way to use stretch film? Use the right amount of Stretch Film Containment Force.

Ways To Save Time & Money With Stretch Film Products

Customers stretch wrap their products to get their goods from point A to point B at the lowest effective cost with as little damage as possible. We can assess the customer's current stretch film usage and ensure they are using the most cost effective practices.

Gauge to Mil Conversion

When using stretch film, plastic bags or other plastic packaging supplies to protect your valuable products, it is important that you use the correct size and style of each material. When you use the optimum size stretch film or plastic sheet, you can ensure that your pallets can withstand harsh travel or storage conditions.

The value of stretch film

Stretch wrapping, whether manual or machine film, plays a vital role in the transport process. It is one of the most effective ways to secure products to pallets and provides the best defence against product damage. However, as with all types of packaging, there is no 'one size fits all' solution and not all stretch wrapping solutions are created equal. Stretch film quality (single-sided versus double-sided bonded), gauge thickness (42G versus 100G) and width (20" versus 30") all determine how well your pallet will hold, the cost of transporting your product and, for example, your overall return on investment (ROI).