Stretch film applications and a huge market

Stretch film applications and a huge market Stretch Film Applications and Markets,application of winding film Stretch Film Applications and Markets.JAYOSPK stretch film packaging is cost-effective, transparent in appearance, double-sided adhesive, non-toxic, tasteless and safe, easy to use, high efficiency, high buffer strength, good retraction, puncture resistance, tear resistance, longitudinal to transverse stretch ratio of 400% or more. Stretch Film Applications and Markets,wrap-around film is widely used in Stretch Film Applications and Markets.Wrapping film can be widely used for packaging of foreign trade export, food and beverage, printing and papermaking, refractory materials, wood flooring, cosmetics, handicrafts, non-woven fabrics, carpets, ceramic electromechanical products, computers, communication products, books and magazines, electronic components, household appliances, chemical raw and auxiliary materials, etc.materials, steel, profiles, wire, aluminum alloy profiles, e […]

Extensive use of stretch film and new automatic production line

Extensive use of stretch film and new automatic production line Stretch film is widely used. Wrap film, also known as stretch wrap film, stretch film, heat shrink film. Extensive use of stretch film.Wuxi wrap film has the characteristics of high transparency, good longitudinal elongation, high yield point, high transverse tear strength, good puncture resistance, good self-adhesion, high retraction rate, compact packaging and no loosening. Wuxi winding film is widely used for packaging of single products or pallets of chemical materials, fertilizers, food, electromechanical products, light textile products, etc. Wuxi Adhesive Tape. Extensive use of stretch film,sealed packaging Extensive use of stretch film.This packaging is similar to shrink wrap packaging. It is wrapped around a pallet and then the ends of the film are heat sealed by two heat clamps. This was the earliest form of wrap-around film use, and more forms of packaging have evolved from there. Extensive use of stretch film,h […]

Precautions when customizing stretch film

Precautions when customizing stretch film The color of the wound film is mostly transparent Precautions for stretching film.The winding film is generally used for the packaging of goods, and the common winding film color is mostly transparent. In fact, due to actual needs, many customers will go to the manufacturer to make winding films of various colors. Precautions for stretching film,Wuxi Jiayou small series refers to several problems that should be paid attention to when making custom winding film Precautions for stretching film.When selecting a thickness, you must select a thicker thickness. In general, 22-23mic is recommended. Why? This is because the raw materials of the winding film are brand-new materials, and the physical properties of PE are transparent. If it is too thin, the color is not obvious after stretching! Precautions for stretching film.Quality can not be missed and perfect! The only reason why the film color is different from the raw material color is that the fil […]

Application fields of a stretch film

Application fields of a stretch film Packaging Application range of stretch film applications for food plants, pharmaceutical plants and sterilized tableware First, food manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and sterilized tableware manufacturers mainly use packaging film to prevent moisture from affecting the items, while sterilized tableware is designed to prevent dust. Application range of stretch film for manufacturers of sporting goods, crafts and gifts, printed products, etc. Secondly, it is the manufacturer of sporting goods, craft gifts, printing products, hardware and plastic products, telephones, electronic appliances and so on. Packaging film is used as the outer packaging of various products, which not only shows transparency, but also can increase the attractiveness of the products’ appearance, and can replace various cartons, which saves the packaging cost and meets the packaging trend. Application of stretch film in building material factories, chemical plant […]