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The origin and exquisiteness of chef hat

The origin and exquisiteness of chef hat The origin and exquisiteness of chef hat Chefs around the world may wear different uniforms when they work, but the hats they wear are basically the same-all are white top hats. Wearing this kind of hat is conducive to kitchen hygiene and can prevent the chef’s hair and dandruff from falling into the dishes. However, the chef who first put on this kind of hat does not focus on hygiene, but as a sign. The origin of the chef hat It is said that there was a riot in ancient Greece, and some Greeks fled to the temple in order to take refuge. There are many famous chefs among these refugees, and the chefs also “live in seclusion” like the priests. On the one hand, they gain safety, and on the other hand, they can cook for other priests and continue their cooking life. But there was one thing that made them very dissatisfied. All the priests wore black hats, so in order to distinguish them, the chefs asked to wear white hats, and thei […]

How do you wear a Paper Forage Cap?

Paper Forage Cap

Best Hygienic And Trendy Disposable Forage Caps

Best Hygienic And Trendy Disposable Forage Caps Forage caps are the top choice caps for top chefs. With different designs, colors and features, you have a variety to choose from. Get the best from one of the top producers of quality paper forage caps that will meet all your intended needs. Read on and get enlightened about features and other details of an ideal disposable forage caps. Features of disposable forage caps Paper forage caps have features that increase their efficiency. They include; 1. Adjustable The caps can be adjusted to fit any size. Regardless of the size of your hair, the cap can be adjusted to accommodate any hair length without falling off. An ideal cap can be adjusted to a maximum of 65cm. 2. 3. Very Light Paper forage caps are more comfortable and light compared to cotton ones. These caps are mostly worn in professions requiring regular activities; weight and comfortability are essential factors. 3. Eco-friendly The caps are purely made o […]

Why do chef hats look like that

A chef stands in a kitchen, in a white chef's coat, white apron, neckerchief, and tall white hat. This chef is the epitome of cleanliness, professionalism, and discipline.
But why is the old-school chef's hat, or toque, the shape that it is?The word toque has been around for thousands of years and eventually comes from the Arabic word for "hat."