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Can parchment paper go in the oven?

Reynolds Genuine Parchment Paper 45 feet

Parchment paper has countless uses in the oven: use it to arrange baking trays so that the biscuits are easy to remove; protect the pie crust when baking; wrap vegetables and fish; or place it on the bottom of the cake pan for easy release. It is oven-proof, but not completely unheated. For example, it may burn at the high temperatures used to bake or bake pizza.

The parchment paper has a non-stick coating and is suitable for almost any baked goods. It prevents the dough or batter from contacting the metal baking pan, thereby slowing down browning. For example, sugar cookies baked on parchment paper will not burn easily on the edges.

It is also easy to clean up with parchment paper. Discard the paper after baking, the pan is basically clean. No greasy film surface needs cleaning.

When you line the cake pan with parchment paper for easy release, put a little grease or cooking spray under it. This helps the paper stick to the pan so that the batter does not seep between the paper and the pan and damage the surface of the cake.

Parchment paper is made of cellulose, which is a plant material. The vegetable pulp passes through a sulfuric acid bath to partially dissolve the paper and give it non-stick properties. The paper can also be coated with a silicone compound that is easy to peel off.

There is no “one side” to parchment. You can flip it in any way, and it works the same.

When used at baking temperature, the paper may turn brown-but it should not burn. You can even reuse the parchment paper multiple times, but once it becomes fragile and darker, it is at its best and should be discarded. Parchment paper can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, but in the final analysis it is still paper, and if it is introduced to the right (or wrong) conditions, it will definitely burn.

Of course, parchment paper has obvious burning methods, such as exposure to an open flame, which will cause the paper to be ignited when it dies. When the sheep is in contact with fire, the leather paper may actually catch fire more easily than some other papers, so it is very undesirable to expose the parchment paper to this environment. Of course, if you use parchment paper for the intended purpose—abroad, please use it! Just be careful and stick to the steps needed to ensure your safety.It is generally not recommended to use parchment paper in a toaster oven because it has very little space and is airtight. Allowing the parchment paper to touch the side of the lamp or the oven may also cause the parchment paper to catch fire. The same goes for using parchment paper in broilers. Do not do this. The enclosed space of the broiler is almost guaranteed to make your parchment burn.


What are the safety tips for using parchment paper in the oven?

  1. The first and most important safety tip is to never expose the parchment paper too close to an open flame, nor let it scratch or touch the walls of the preheated oven.

It can instantly ignite and destroy anything you are cooking. Make sure to always use the correct size parchment paper and tuck in or trim off anything left over from the oversized paper.

In an electric oven, do not let the parchment paper touch the heating element or get too close to it. The temperature of the heating element is too high for parchment paper to handle.




  1. Second, avoid reusing clean parchment paper more than 3 times in the oven, especially for high-temperature recipes.


  1. At this point, the paper may have reached a critical point and may produce very unpredictable results.


In addition, any parchment paper that has become brittle or smoked from previous applications should not be reused in the oven.

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