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How to use the piping bag

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How to use the piping bag

It takes many years of practice to become a very professional cake decorator. However, for ordinary people, if they know some clever decoration techniques, it can obviously make an ordinary cake special and exquisite. First you need to prepare a piping bag,

Decorating flowers: by looking at the name, the decorating bag is mainly a tool used when decorating flowers, which makes decorating flowers more convenient. It is equipped with metal decorating nozzles, including star-shaped flower nozzles, thin star-shaped flower nozzles, round flower nozzles, and leaves. Flower mouth, petal flower mouth, basket weaving flower mouth, etc., these flower mouths are very cleverly designed, you can use them to make the cake lively, and make the decorating flower transform into a variety of different fancy patterns and patterns. Cut off the front end of the piping bag. The opening is about the same diameter as the middle of the piping mouth. Place the piping mouth in the piping bag and tighten it. You can also snap the mouth down and fix it with a rubber band. In addition, there is another adapter, which allows you to change the piping nozzle without stopping to change to a bag with a different nozzle, as long as you unload the original one and install the new one.

There are several types of piping bags:

One is that the piping mouth leaks from the tip of the piping bag after passing through the inside of the piping bag. The other is that there is a small tube in the piping bag, and the piping mouth can be used as long as it is rotated and installed on the outside.

How to choose a piping bag:

  1. The most common one is a disposable piping bag made of PE plastic material, which we often see decorating masters in cake shops use. This type of piping bag is relatively light and thin, suitable for squeezing pasty materials with good fluidity, such as cream Cakes, melting beans, meringue, cream on cupcakes.
  2. The PE-thickened disposable piping bag is thicker than the previous one and has a better texture. It is suitable for squeezing materials with slightly lower fluidity. With different piping nozzles, different patterns can be extruded, such as Korean Style red bean paste decorated cake, icing biscuits.
  3. The thick cloth piping bag can be reused. It is very strong and suitable for cookies, but it will not be cleaned after a long time.
  4. The silicone piping bag is reusable, strong and flexible, so it should be used together with the piping nozzle, suitable for squeezing cookies. Easy to clean.
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Through the following basic techniques, you can use the piping bag with the flower mouth to frame all the dots, stars, shells, flowers, leaves, lines or basket weaving patterns. Of course, when creativity foresees meringue, it can give out countless possibilities. These simple graphics are just fur, only for you to practice and stimulate your imagination.

  1. There are two types of piping bags, one is reusable and the other is disposable. Reusable ones are of course more economical, but you have to clean and disinfect them, which is probably annoying for some lazy people. Thicker plastic fresh-keeping bags can also be used as piping bags, as long as a corner is cut off at the bottom.
  2. If you plan to use more than one type of decorating mouth, and the color of the frosting is the same, then using an adapter can save you from having to change to a different bag when halfway through the decorating. Just change the flower mouth.
  3. At the beginning, add your disposable piping bag and cut off a corner-if you are not sure how big you want to fry, you’d better cut it smaller, and then cut it larger if necessary. Put the larger part of the adapter into the piping bag, and push its upper end through the cut hole to expose its head.
  4. Put the piping nozzle on the other part of the adapter, and then you can screw them together with the big part of the adapter in the bag. It must be tightened, otherwise it will run out of the gap when the frosting is squeezed.
  5. Fold the opening of the piping bag to about halfway down, hold the lower part of the piping bag with one hand, and dig the icing into the piping bag with a rubber spatula with the other hand. You can also insert the piping bag into a glass, then fold the opening part down, and then add the icing sugar.
  6. Squeeze the filled icing in the direction of the decorating nozzle to expel the air. If there is air in the bag, when we decorate the cake, the air may squeeze out from the decorating mouth, which may cause the icing to flow in the middle, which may ruin the entire designed pattern. After the air is exhausted, twist the piping bag behind the icing a few times so that there is no gap between the bag and the icing.
  7. Decorating flower shape one: star. Use the star-shaped spout, squeeze the bag evenly, and count silently in your heart to make sure that the volume of icing squeezed out is the same every time, so as to ensure that the stars are about the same size. “123, 1; 123, 2…” like this. The piping bag and the chopping board should be vertical. After squeezing, leave the star-shaped frosting vertically, so that the pointed corner of the star is in the center and upward.
  8. The size of the star depends on the type of piping mouth you use.


In addition to making cakes, the piping bag can also be used to make biscuits: like making thumb biscuits, or small biscuits can put the batter into the piping bag, and then extrude the desired biscuit shape.

Filling: Put the piping bag outwards and put it in your hand, put the filling that needs to be filled into the piping bag with a spatula, preferably at the position of the tiger’s mouth, then hold the piping bag tightly and pour the filling that needs to be filled into the pastry. The piping bag is used for cream puffs.

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