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Principle and Development of Anti Myopia Paper

The white paper used by people every day has white full frequency reflection, which will stimulate the eyes, but the light yellow paper can prevent myopia and reflect the light of specific spectral color.

Several Problems Needing Attention in the Collection of Rice Paper

Rice paper is a unique traditional handmade paper in China. Since the Tang Dynasty, it has spread for more than 1000 years.

Waste Paper Recycling, Treatment and Utilization Trilogy

Domestic demand for imported waste paper continues to rise sharply. Once the world waste paper price rises to the point that enterprises cannot afford it, or the world emergency affects the normal transportation of waste paper, the impact on China's paper industry will be very serious.

Instructions for Import of Waste Paper

If it fails to meet the environmental protection requirements, it shall issue an inspection certificate to the applicant, and timely notify the port customs and the local environmental protection department of the copy of the inspection certificate to deal with it according to law. The customs and environmental protection departments shall not accept the application for import of waste without a consignee unless the customs and environmental protection departments require cooperation in inspection.