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Standardize The Prepress Production Of Book Printing

Standardize the prepress production of book printing      For the packaging and printing enterprises under the traditional working mode, the final printing quality depends directly on the plate making quality to a great extent. Especially under the current conditions of prepress openness and socialization, there are many informal prepress plate making companies. There are some non-standard problems in the film live parts provided by them, such as printing and post press processing technology are not considered in the design and production.Standardize the prepress production of book printing.       The uneven film quality will affect the production and final product quality of printing enterprises, and some even affect the reputation and economic benefits of printing plants. Therefore, standardizing prepress operation is an urgent problem to be solved. Here, combined with the actual situation of our factory, China Paper Network summarizes the possible probl […]

Influence Of Each Step In Book Printing On Bookbinding

Influence Of Each Step In Book Printing On Bookbinding       In the packaging and printing industry, bookbinding is the final process of book printing. Its construction quality and work efficiency are not only subject to the organization and cooperation, coordinated management, standardized operation and detection control of this process, but also closely related to other links in the process of book printing (such as design, plate making, printing, materials, etc.). Here, the author briefly describes the impact of other links on book binding.Influence Of Each Step In Book Printing On Bookbinding product design       The overall design of books and periodicals is not only the basic link of printing, but also the expected goal of product appearance after production. Usually, the size, structure, content, layout and materials of books and periodicals are completed by the publishing house, editorial department, advertising company or the author himself. These design require […]

How To Solve The Slow Drying Of Ink?

How To Solve The Slow Drying Of Ink?       If the ink can be fixed well, it is dried from the inside to the outside. In this case, although the ink surface can resist static pressure after solidification, the ink layer cannot withstand friction.How To Solve The Slow Drying Of Ink?       The common ink for offset printing mainly depends on chemical reaction for drying. The oxidation and high polymerization of ink rosin is the role of desiccant and an important component of ink.How To Solve The Slow Drying Of Ink. If the ink is not dry enough to resist the pressure of the next color, the paper cannot print the second color.How To Solve The Slow Drying Of Ink?       Worst of all, if the ink needs to be dried for a long time, the medium containing rosin will excessively penetrate into the paper, and the ink film lacks the ability to bind pigment, which may lead to white deterioration. The operator should know that this trouble is very complex. It is based […]

Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt

Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt        Cosmetics label printing stunt due to the uniqueness of the cosmetics industry, cosmetics packaging labels must be protective, functional and decorative. Any neglect may affect the development of a brand of cosmetics. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of cosmetic packaging. In various stores, which brand can “jump” out of many brands to attract consumers first and “capture” their eyeballs is enough to seize a greater market share. Therefore, cosmetics businesses’ love for packaging, attention and continuous innovation will also provide us with new business opportunities.Cosmetics Label Printing Stunt       The traditional printing method of cosmetic labels is mainly screen printing, such as printing on glass or plastic bottles. Now most of them have turned to self-adhesive labels, and the demand for film label materials is also growing rapidly. At the same time, the technic […]