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Classification And Application Of Coating Adhesives

Classification And Application Of Coating Adhesives        With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, the consumption of coated paper is increasing, and the application scope and purpose of coated paper are more and more extensive, such as packaging, calendar, exquisite printed matter, trademark, gift, etc. This is mainly because coated paper has incomparable advantages and characteristics of other paper products. Classification And Application Of Coating Adhesives.       The performance of coated paper mainly depends on the coating. The main components of the coating are pigment and adhesive. Due to different requirements for coating properties and coating equipment, the matching proportion is also different. The proportion of these two components generally accounts for 75% – 90% of pigment and 10% – 25% of adhesive. The following is a brief introduction to the classification, […]

Printing Tips Of Primary Color Paperboard Food Packaging

Printing Tips Of Primary Color Paperboard Food Packaging       In the field of food packaging, for household products such as baking products or comfort food, the natural brown appearance of corrugated paper reflects a healthy appearance and has a retro meaning.Printing Tips Of Primary Color Paperboard Food Packaging.       In the past, in the food manufacturing industry, “corrugated paper” had only one meaning: American cheese biscuits. Today, however, both bread makers and hamburgers agree that corrugated paper is a multi-purpose primary color cardboard used to make eye-catching packaging, which is enough to strengthen the brand image and increase sales.      Food manufacturers have always believed that SBS paperboard with smooth and white appearance is the only material that can give the brand a noble image and maintain consistent performance in the high-speed molding and filling process. Only in a large number or old-fashioned and plain pac […]

Standardize The Prepress Production Of Book Printing

Standardize The Prepress Production Of Book Printing        For the packaging and printing enterprises under the traditional working mode, the final printing quality depends directly on the plate making quality to a great extent. Especially under the current conditions of prepress openness and socialization, there are many informal prepress plate making companies. Standardize The Prepress Production Of Book Printing      There are some non-standard problems in the film live parts provided by them, such as printing and post press processing technology are not considered in the design and production. The uneven film quality will affect the production and final product quality of printing enterprises, and some even affect the reputation and economic benefits of printing plants. Therefore, standardizing prepress operation is an urgent problem to be solved.Standardize The Prepress Production Of Book Printing 1. Quality problems caused by being unfamiliar with plate making software   &n […]

Influence Of Each Step In Book Printing On Bookbinding

Influence Of Each Step In Book Printing On Bookbinding        In the packaging and printing industry, bookbinding is the final process of book printing. Its construction quality and work efficiency are not only subject to the organization and cooperation, coordinated management, standardized operation and detection control of this process, but also closely related to other links in the process of book printing (such as design, plate making, printing, materials, etc.). Here, the author briefly describes the impact of other links on book binding. product design       The overall design of books and periodicals is not only the basic link of printing, but also the expected goal of product appearance after production. Usually, the size, structure, content, layout and materials of books and periodicals are completed by the publishing house, editorial department, advertising company or the author himself. These design requirements directly determine the difficulty of binding. I […]