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Packaging Design: Attract Consumers With Visual Impact

To create a unique style and show personality in packaging design, graphics is a very important means of expression. It plays the role of a salesman and conveys the packaging printed content to consumers through the role of vision. It has a strong visual impact and can attract consumers' attention, resulting in purchase desire.

Types of Green Packaging Films

Types of Green Packaging Films         With the deepening of people’s concept of environmental protection, at present, in the field of packaging, the requirements for green packaging are becoming higher and higher, and its varieties are emerging one after another.Types of Green Packaging Films        At present, green packaging films mainly include edible film, degradable packaging film and water-soluble plastic packaging film.Types of Green Packaging Films        Edible film is a film with porous network structure formed by the interaction between different molecules with natural edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.). Types of Green Packaging Films         Such as corn protein packaging film, modified cellulose edible packaging film and composite edible packaging film, edible film can be applied to the inner packaging of various instant foods, and has a huge market in the food industry.Types of Green Packaging Films        The biodegrada […]

What is the Difference Between Wet Offset Printing and Anhydrous Offset Printing?

Wet offset printing is the most common printing process in today's printing industry. The basic principle is to balance the water and ink in the printing area (printing ink) and non printing area (water) on the printing plate. The key is to keep the ink balance, stability and control.

Curved Screen Printing Industry Has a Long Way to Go

Curved screen printing refers to screen printing on round shaped surfaces, such as various chemical bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, etc. most of them are cylindrical or almost cylindrical surfaces (the arc surface of flat bottles belongs to cylindrical surfaces), and there are few conical and spherical surfaces. No matter what kind of surface, there is only one printing principle, that is, the silk screen printing surface should make a pure rolling motion with the screen. During the rolling, the surface is tangent to the screen to deal with the falling point of the rubber scraper, and its extension line always points to the center of the circle.