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Matters of Curved Screen Printing

Curved screen printing refers to the screen printing on the round surface, such as various chemical bottles, medicine bottles, wine bottles, etc. most of them are cylindrical or almost cylindrical surfaces (the arc surface of flat bottles belongs to cylindrical surfaces), and there are few conical and spherical surfaces.

Printing of Famous Brand Cosmetics Packaging With Pearlescent Effect

Most famous brand cosmetics belong to high value-added consumer goods. The appearance and image of products have a great impact on the psychology of buyers. Therefore, cosmetics manufacturers usually make cosmetics packaging and printing very beautiful and taste resistant. Of course, this also puts forward higher requirements for printing factories, ink factories and other supporting product manufacturers.

National Toilet Paper Inspection Index

Toilet paper is a kind of special paper. For this, the state has formulated relevant inspection standards: ccgf 204.2-2008 toilet paper (including toilet base paper)

Resin in Pulp and Its Harm

More seriously, these sediments may fall off from the surface and block the screen plate and slag remover, thus greatly reducing the screening and purification efficiency.