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Selection of Paper Printing

Selection of Paper Printing       Printing is defined as generating a trace or indentation. The word print comes from the Latin root and means “press”, so printing press is often used to represent the printing press, which has proved to be redundant.Selection of Paper Printing          Obviously, in order to correct redundancy, one word in this term must be removed. Unless the school refuses to teach students how to read and write on the podium, writing will inevitably always be an important part of human civilization.Selection of Paper Printing          So it is easy to choose: printing must be retained, and press is the word that has to be removed. Is it possible that today’s heavy printing press made of steel is as outdated as the steam locomotive once loved by people? Yes, it may eventually disappear together with paper made of wood fiber in 100 years.Selection of Paper Printing Selection of Paper Printing   & […]

Digital Printing Knowledge

Digital Printing Knowledge       In modern society, digital packaging is widely used in packaging and printing industry         Digital printing is a kind of printing technology that uses digital technology to personalize documents and data, and uses prepress system to transmit graphic information directly to digital printing machine through network to print products. Digital Printing Knowledge         It covers a variety of technical fields such as printing, electronics, computer, network and communication, and embodies the printing mode of flexible printing volume, diversified and personalized printing products, convenient storage and multiple calls of electronic documents for printing.Digital Printing Knowledge        Digital printing system is mainly composed of prepress system and digital printing machine. Some systems are also equipped with binding and cutting equipment, so as to cancel the steps of color separation, plate making and plate making.   Digital Printing Knowledge     […]

Several Methods of Converting Color Image TO Monochrome

Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome         Since the emergence of color film, photographers have begun to obtain monochrome photos from color negatives or color transparencies. Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome        Although their first choice will always be monochrome negatives, Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome        They can get color without monochrome film.Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome.Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome 1、 Four different conversion methods    Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome       The quickest way to turn a color image into a monochrome image is to use the gray mode option, that is, select “image / mode / gray”. However, the biggest disadvantage of this operation is that all color information is removed in the conversion process, Several Methods Of Converting Color Image TO monochrome          And the conversion resu […]

Color Essentials Of Packaging

Color Essentials of Packaging        The color on packaging is the most active factor affecting vision, so packaging color design is very important.Color essentials of packaging Determine total tone Whether the overall feeling of packaging color is gorgeous or simple depends on the total tone of packaging color. The total tone is embodied directly according to the basic color attributes of hue, lightness and purity. Such as bright tone, dark high tone, fresh tone, gray tone, cold tone, emphasis, weak tone, soft training, hard tone, heavy tone, etc. Area factor        In addition to hue, lightness and purity, color area is an important factor that directly affects hue. Color matching first considers the arrangement of large-area color, which has a long-distance visual effect in packaging and display.Color essentials of packaging        In addition, when the contrast between two colors is too strong, the area of one color can be expanded or reduced […]