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This Paper Analyzes the Causes of Dirty PS Version From Four Aspects

In the process of high-speed printing, due to the effect of printing pressure, the sand mesh of the non graphic part of the printing plate is worn, resulting in the decrease of surface energy and water storage, resulting in the lipophilic and dirty non graphic part; Due to wear, the lipophilic hydrophobicity of the graphic part will change inversely, which will aggravate the ink emulsification and cause the pattern plate. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring good reproduction of pictures and texts, we should use as little printing pressure as possible. In addition, excessive printing pressure not only destroys the foundation of the graphic part of the printing plate and the sand mesh of the non graphic part, but also reduces the printing resistance of the printing plate.

How to Distinguish the Use of Ink by Ink Viscosity

The "sticky" ink with high viscosity and poor fluidity has good adhesion, large intramolecular friction or cohesion, strong adhesion and rapid fixation. Clear and round dots can be obtained by printing with "sticky" ink. Moreover, the "sticky" ink has good water resistance, is not easy to emulsify, has good "ink receiving", is easy to dry, has smooth dots and bright ink color Saturated color and thick ink layer.

Decoding Analysis of Perceptual Elements in Packaging Design

combined with consumers' perception of packaging design, this paper studies and analyzes consumers' decoding of packaging design language, so that designers can correctly and effectively carry out commodity information packaging design. Let packaging and printing coordinate with other commodity information and media to convey commodity information uniformly and effectively in the commodity marketing plan.

Comparison of Common Printing Methods of Several Corrugated Boxes

Flexographic printing corrugated box the conventional flexographic printing corrugated box process is to print directly on the corrugated board, using water-based ink. Therefore, some people also call this process watermark.