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What Brand of Diapers are Easy to Use

Many parents now choose thick diapers. They feel that if they use more thick materials, they can wash more water. This is a wrong idea. We should know that the water absorption of diapers mainly depends on the polymer resin, SAP. This kind of thing can expand the water of the body 400 times. A polymer the size of a fingernail can absorb a whole glass of water.

Understanding of Flexographic Printing Operation

In recent years, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of flexo printing technology, flexo printing, a new printing method, is being recognized by more and more people. It can also be said that the development of flexo printing in China has ushered in spring. However, some problems in flexo printing also perplex flexo printing peers.

Hygienic Requirements for Printing Ink

At present, the packaging hygiene requirements related to ink can be roughly divided into the following three categories: the first category is the content of heavy metals, that is, the detection and control of harmful heavy metals or toxic and harmful elements and compounds;

Printing Ink Viscosity

Turn down the ink viscosity, the color becomes lighter, on the contrary, the color becomes darker. However, do not blindly reduce the viscosity to change the color, otherwise it will cause other problems, such as water lines, dull color, etc. In color matching, we should master the variation bias of viscosity of different colors in order to make better use of viscosity. For example, when the primary color yellow has high viscosity, it tends to be red, while when the viscosity is small, it will show green; The green viscosity is larger than the blue phase, and the yellow phase appears when the viscosity is small.