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High Precision and High Density Printing

High Precision and High Density Printing         For high-precision printing, it can increase the amount of information per unit area and reduce the rose spots and moire patterns usually existing in plate making. High Precision and High Density Printing        In addition to increasing the workload and reducing the image reproduction range, it is much better than conventional printing in printing quality. In other words, through the research on high-grade printing technology, it has become the standard of printing quality in the all digital era.High Precision and High Density Printing Generally, a print with a resolution of more than 300 LPI is called a high-precision print.         The biggest difference between high-precision printing and ordinary printing lies in the difference of dot expansion rate. For example, under the accuracy of 175 LPI, the dot expansion rate of 50% is about 15%; Under 600 LPI accuracy, the expansion rate of 50% dots is close to 30%. High Precision and High D […]

Composite Process of Printing

Composite Process of Printing       In the packaging and printing industry, a variety of printing processes are often used.Composite Process of Printing 1. Corona treatment of plastic film surface:        Before printing and compounding, the substrate PE, PP and even aluminum foil must be subject to surface corona treatment. The purpose is to improve the firmness of printing and compounding, make it achieve the expected effect.Composite Process of Printing        And ensure that the critical surface tension during printing and compounding is greater than 38 Mn / M; For the composite film used for cooking, the thickness of the inner substrate shall be greater than 70 μ, To ensure sufficient heat sealing strength.Composite Process of Printing 2. Composite process:        The composite film can improve various characteristics of a single film and improve the protection of the contents, including moisture resistance, oil resistance, barrier, shading and air tightness. According to differen […]

Application Analysis And Research of Food Green Packaging

Application Analysis And Research of Food Green Packaging        The printing of packaging materials plays a very important role in the industry, and green packaging printing has become the goal of major manufacturers.Application Analysis And Research of Food Green Packaging        The printing of packaging materials is another important subject involved in green packaging. In particular, ink is composed of pigment, binder, solvent and auxiliary materials.         If the pigment contains heavy metals such as lead, chromium, pickaxe and mercury insoluble in water, this ink cannot be used for the printing of food packaging and children’s appliance packaging. Solvents containing acetone, toluene, methanol and some aromatic compounds and highly corrosive solvents should not be used.Application Analysis And Research of Food Green Packaging         As early as the 1960s, Guangdong Province has developed water-soluble liquid photosensitive resin, which can be used to manufacture water-b […]

Discussion On Modern Packaging design

Discussion On Modern Packaging design        Packaging design is an important part of modern commodity marketing. This paper discusses the definition of modern packaging, discusses the principles of packaging printing design based on the functional concept of packaging design,        And looks forward to the development prospect of green packaging. It is pointed out that packaging design should keep pace with the times and fully stimulate consumers’ purchase desire.Discussion On Modern Packaging design         Packaging is one of the most important links in modern commodity production and marketing. The quality of packaging is directly related to the value of commodities in market circulation. Discussion On Modern Packaging design         The original commodity packaging was mainly for the convenience of customers. With the development of market economy, people begin to realize that commodity packaging, as a visual communication tool, is by no means an optional thing, but the fac […]