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Rubber stacking fault in offset printing production

It can be solved through the following ways: A. reduce the workshop temperature and keep the humidity at about 65%; b. Add an appropriate amount of viscosity reducer or anti drying agent to the ink.Rubber stacking fault in offset printing production

What are the Benefits of Kraft Paper Bags

Generally speaking, as a packaging material, kraft paper is mainly reflected in its high strength, not easy to damage, low manufacturing cost and generally does not need film, so its cost performance is very, very high.

What is Map Paper

There are many kinds of paper used in life. Today, let's talk about a special kind of paper - map paper.

What Are The Types of Rice Paper

There are many categories of Shengxuan, for example, jade plate, Jiagong, jingpi, Shan Xuan, mianlian, etc. You should know that these have not been processed to a certain extent. They have strong water absorption and water absorption. It is easy to disperse the ink rhyme. With the ink splashing method and ink accumulation method, they can receive the artistic effects of water halo ink seal and so on. Many calligraphers choose this paper when they write about the artistic conception of landscape. Although Sheng Xuan's paintings are interesting in ink, they are settled immediately after writing. The ink seeps quickly and is not easy to master.