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What is Map Paper

     There are many kinds of paper used in life. Today, let’s talk about a special kind of paper – map paper.What is Map Paper

What is Map Paper

     Also known as marine tharl paper. Advanced printing paper for printing maps and map books. Mainly flat paper. The specifications are 80g / m2, 90g / m2, 100g / m2, 120g / m2 and 150g / m2.What is Map Paper

      The main raw materials are chemical wood pulp and cotton pulp, re sizing and high wet strength printing paper. It has the characteristics of high strength, good tear resistance, folding resistance, good wear resistance and good dimensional stability. It is suitable for color printing of topographic maps and maps.What is Map Paper 

Advantages of map paper:What is Map Paper

     The paper surface is flat and smooth. It has good finishing performance, printing performance, dimensional stability, water resistance, folding resistance, friction resistance and writing ability. There are no obvious dust spots on the paper surface, which is suitable for lithography or gravure printing. What is Map Paper

     Using bleached cotton pulp or bleached chemical pulp as raw materials, it is made by beating the pulp, re sizing (the glue degree is not less than 1.0-1.25 mm), feeding (material), wet strength agent (melamine resin, etc.), slowly copying on the paper machine, and finally calendering.What is Map Paper

Purpose:What is Map Paper

     It is used to print topographic, geomorphic, hydrological, traffic maps, map books, etc. For example, it is used to print military maps, nautical charts, etc. this kind of chart is called sea drawing. It has high folding resistance and good wet strength geometry. The material must be of high quality, and the content of alpha cellulose is more than 90%.What is Map Paper

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