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About Printing

About Printing     Plate printing is to transfer the image and text dots on the original plate of color separation plate making pictures to the printing plate in a photosensitive way. For lithography, it is also necessary to make the image and text dots of the printing plate have the performance of Pro ink and the blank part have the performance of hydrophilic rejection of ink. Improve The Printing Resistance Of Gravure Plate  In Production      This image transfer procedure is lithography plate printing. Only by drying the original pictures into a printing plate, forming inked pictures and texts, and then transferring them to paper through printing, can the reproduction of pictures and texts be completed.About Printing         Plate printing is a bridge process between plate making and printing. For color separation plate making, it is required to transfer the graphics and text of the original image without deformation. For printing, it is required that the ink affinity of the graphic […]

How To Improve The Printing Resistance Of Gravure Plate In Production

Improve The Printing Resistance Of Gravure Plate In Production       On the premise of ensuring the printing quality, the maximum printing quantity that can be printed by a printing plate is called the printing resistance of the printing plate. The printing resistance of gravure plate is not only directly related to the economic benefits of gravure production, but also the key to reduce cost, improve output and ensure quality.Improve The Printing Resistance Of Gravure Plate  In Production        In the gravure printing process, we often encounter that part of the color of some layouts is lighter than the normal color, and this phenomenon becomes more and more serious with the increase of the number of prints, which directly affects the print quality. After stopping the machine for observation, it is found that the graphic part of the layout is worn, the opening of the inking hole becomes smaller and the depth becomes shallow, resulting in the reduction of the single […]

How To Wash Ink And Change Color

How To Wash Ink And Change Color        In the process of offset printing, especially the monochrome Offset Press, whether y, m, C and BK four-color printing, trademark and packaging decoration, it is often necessary to wash the ink and change the color,.       clean the ink transmission system of the whole offset press, and then replace it with new ink. The ink scraper of the ink washing device is composed of a rubber knife, an ink receiving groove and an adjusting screw.How To Wash Ink And Change Color        Ink washing process: pour gasoline and car washing water on the ink roller, install the ink scraper in the ink washing position slot, tighten the adjusting screw to make the rubber knife contact the surface of the inking roller corresponding to the offset press at an angle of 40 °, and the inking roller moves longitudinally and laterally to scrape the old ink and gasoline on the ink conveying system into the ink receiving slot through the rubber knife.How To […]

Common Technical Problems Of Offset Printing Plate

Common Technical Problems Of Offset Printing Plate Briefly talk about the difference between UV printing plate and ordinary printing plate and CTP plate.Common Technical Problems Of Offset Printing Plate UV ink suitability of various printing plates Classification PS version CTP version for ordinary PS version UV ink Brand vps-a Vpu lh-pi The price is cheaper than the UV PS version and more expensive than the ordinary PS version,Common Technical Problems Of Offset Printing Plate Printing resistance is not ideal:Common Technical Problems Of Offset Printing Plate As the actual sales price is determined by each consignment point, please contact each consignment point for details. 2. What are the main reasons why printing plates are easy to get dirty? (1) Cause: the exposure is insufficient, the transparency of the positive picture is poor, and the light source is aging. Treatment method: remake the positive picture and adjust the exposure appropriately Room: retest with a gray ladder, ext […]