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Printing Process For Making Four-Color Banners

Printing Process For Making Four-Color Banners        In the packaging and printing industry, four-color banners are sometimes used.Printing Process For Making Four-Color Banners 1. Exposure and printing table device: an exposure table is made of angle iron, the table top is made of 1cm glass, and the lower layer is equipped with light tubes, which is not only an exposure table, but also can be printed on it.Printing Process For Making Four-Color Banners 2. Three point positioning device for plate printing and printing: make two positioning brackets with angle iron. Each screen exposure, printing close to the three fulcrum, in order to ensure the four screen rules in the printing process.Printing Process For Making Four-Color Banners. 3. Production of simple printing bag: cover the whole screen frame with a transparent plastic cloth (put a thick sponge on the screen), stick the four sides of the plastic cloth on the exposure table with adhesive tape, make a round op […]

Printing Problems Easily Neglected In Mass Screen Printing

Printing Problems Easily Neglected In Mass Screen Printing       In the process of mass screen printing production, if a specific link is not paid attention to, it will bring a series of troubles to the production, and if this situation is not solved one day, it will always haunt the production.Printing Problems Easily Neglected In Mass Screen Printing       Before printing and finishing, check whether there is dirt or dust on the photosensitive strand surface of the film and the glass surface of the printing table. It is best to wipe it with cotton yarn dipped in alcohol before working. The surface of the film attached with silver halide is the front, and the shiny side of the film base is the back. When printing, the film surface of the film shall be tightly bonded with the emulsion surface of the screen, and the bite line shall be reserved for exposure. Printing Problems Easily Neglected In Mass Screen Printing       The exposure time shall be dete […]

Prepress Color Management Connection

Prepress Color Management Connection       The color management system is controlled by printing. On the contrary, printing control can only be obtained when the substrate color, three primary color ink color, ink overprint and other packaging printing variables are relatively stable and balanced.Prepress Color Management Connection.Prepress Color Management Connection       There is no doubt that three primary color ink printing has made great progress from original painting to scientific embossing, from photographic plate making to complete digital prepress. However, the printer must also improve the variability of raw materials directly related to the final printing products, such as ink and substrate. These variability, especially in the variability of substrates containing many types, has a great impact on color balance.         Color imbalance will cause overall color deviation of printed copies. Typically, when the overall color of printed […]

Direct Influencing Factors Of Printing Ink Color

Direct Influencing Factors Of Printing Ink Color       The visual effect of printing ink is one of the important factors to measure the quality of printing. The following situations have a direct impact on printing ink.Direct Influencing Factors Of Printing Ink Color (I) influence of printing ink layer thickness and viscosity on printing ink color       Proper printing ink layer is an important measure to ensure the quality of printing ink and prevent printing from sticking and dirty. If the ink layer is too thick, its viscosity is bound to increase, which is easy to produce paper wool and affect the uniformity of ink color of printing. If the printing ink layer is too thin and the ink viscosity is insufficient, the printed ink will be too light and the visual effect of printing will be poor. With the extension of printing machine rotation time or the acceleration of printing speed, the friction coefficient increases, and the ink temperature will gradually increase. Dire […]