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Making Skills of Leather Paper

China has four great inventions, among which papermaking is a deep knowledge. Leather paper is generally divided into two varieties, bamboo paper and leather paper made of bamboo and Broussonetia papyrifera bark.

Mother Must learn How to Use Diapers

Never use too tight diapers, otherwise it will cause certain damage to the body like wearing too tight underwear. Especially for boys, if diapers are too small and too tight, it is not conducive to testicular development.

Classification of Packaging Paper

Kraft paper this is a kind of high-grade packaging paper.

On the knowledge of Collecting Calligraphy and Painting Paper

Chinese calligraphy and painting paper refers to the art paper for writing and painting with Chinese brush and Chinese calligraphy pigment. It has a history of 1800 years and a long history. It is the crystallization of Chinese culture, art and science.