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Environmental Harm of Printing ink and Development of Environmental Protection Ink

Environmental Harm of Printing ink and Development of Environmental Protection Ink        With the increasing voice of environmental protection, as the main part of green printing, the requirements for environmental protection of ink are also increasing. It can be said that environmental protection ink is the first consideration for the development of ink in the future.  One. Harm of ink to environment:Environmental Harm of Printing ink and Development of Environmental Protection Ink          Ink is the largest pollution source in the printing industry, and the annual output of ink in the world has reached 3 million tons. Global Organic volatiles caused by ink every year (VOC) pollution emissions have reached hundreds of thousands of tons.        These organic volatiles can form a more serious greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide, and will form oxides and photochemical smog under the sunlight, which will seriously pollute the atmospheric environment and affect […]

Types of lithographic Inks

The connecting material is composed of dry oil, improved resin, a little crimson oil or evaporated solvent. The color material is specially selected and will not change color after drying. Features heat resistance, no discoloration after drying. After printing, the iron sheet passes through the high hot blast furnace, and the general temperature is between 230 ° C and 350 ° C. the temperature adjustment depends on the quality of work and mechanical application, and the baking time is between 5-20 minutes. If the baking time is short, the temperature will increase. General pigments can not withstand such high temperature. Iron plate printing needs high temperature, so the color used for printing is limited.

Characteristics of Aluminum Foil and Printing Ink

There are clear requirements for the surface quality of printed words of medical aluminum foil, and there are physical and chemical indexes for the performance of protective layer and adhesive layer, so as to protect PTP aluminum foil with good barrier, health and safety, heat sealing and good physical and mechanical properties. In order to achieve the standard properties in the production process of PTP aluminum foil printing and coating, we still need to be familiar with the properties of the applied raw materials, and pay attention to some problems in the operation process

Analysis of Color Printing

Printing inks cannot be mixed. For this reason, only one color of ink can be printed at a certain position on the paper at a time. The visual mixing of different colors printed close to each other gives the viewer the concept of continuously adjusting the image. To separate the colors from each other, you can use the screen to achieve this purpose. The generated dots are also called halftone or mesh tone.