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Thoughts on Three Important Aspects of Commodity Packaging

The purpose of packaging is to make the goods have a shell consistent with its contents during transportation and sale; This requires that packaging not only have good technical design to protect the complete quality of products, but also have good visual effect to ensure the smooth sales of goods. When a commodity is put into use, its packaging mission is over, and most packaging materials are often arbitrarily discarded. With the advent of the new century, various potential crises in human society emerge in different forms, leading to increasingly intensified social contradictions. The development of packaging industry has not only created great economic benefits to the society, but also caused a certain degree of pollution to human living environment, which directly threatens human survival.

On Ghosting in Printing Industry

On Ghosting in Printing Industry       Double shadows are also called Double shadows. It refers to the light line next to the line of packaging printing or the silhouette next to the printing dot.On Ghosting in Printing Industry        The appearance of shadow makes the thin line thick, and the original dot becomes one and a half or two (as shown in Figure 8-25). The picture and text of the whole print is blurred and the definition is significantly reduced.On Ghosting in Printing Industry 1、 Generation and category of ghosting        When printing with a lithographic press, in each rolling of the rollers, there is a small displacement between the rollers, and the corresponding particles do not coincide. The remaining ink layer of the blanket transferred last time cannot completely coincide with the ink layer transferred this time. On Ghosting in Printing Industry        In addition to the ink layer transfer […]

Dot Print of Corrugated Box

In order to adapt to the development and changes of market economy and enhance the competitiveness of products, many corrugated box layouts began to use dot graphics to highlight products. It not only enriches the layout, but also improves the packaging grade of products.

Texture Analysis of Special Paper

There are many kinds of special paper, and the expressiveness of printing design is also different. Designers must understand and master the characteristics and performance of different professional papers, so as to make better use of the advantages of different professional papers to design works of different styles, such as simple and elegant, luxurious and festive, modern and simple. Today, our editor of China paper network will give you a brief talk about the texture analysis of special paper.