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New Flexographic Screening Technology

The carbon fiber anilox roll is not easy to be damaged during roll replacement, which can save a lot of expenses for re engraving the new roll. In the driving part of the printing machine, the total weight of the carbon fiber anilox roller is 1 / 10 of the weight of the steel roller, which is conducive to reducing the friction between the rollers and improving the service life of the anilox roller, so as to reduce the downtime and improve the productivity. When the speed of the printing press reaches 3000 sheets / h, the difference between the steel roller and the carbon fiber anilox roller is even more obvious. The steel core anilox roller has a great jump and can not maintain the field image in its central part, while the carbon fiber anilox roller can maintain the real image on the whole roller surface. Although carbon fiber anilox roller is light and hard, its offset is less than 1 / 10 of that of steel core roller. The biggest advantage of this feature is that it greatly improves the printing quality of large flexographic printing press.

Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing        In the packaging and printing industry, some problems need to be paid attention to all the time, especially the relevant processing after printing is of great significance to the printed matter.Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing 1. Is post press processing also important for digital printers?        In today’s printing market, on-demand digital printing is still a new field. However, in the field of commercial printing, digital printing has increased in recent years. Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing       Post press processing is a very important link in the printing process of printed products. After folding, page matching, die cutting, indentation, glazing, film coating, cutting, binding and other post press processing.Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing        The printing products can obtain the required style and performance. Whether in the field of tra […]

Influence of Friction Coefficient in Printing Process

With the rapid development of gravure printing technology, the printing speed is higher and higher. In order to avoid waste caused by material friction coefficient in the printing process and improve production efficiency, printing manufacturers must choose appropriate friction coefficient film, which requires manufacturers to have appropriate film testing instruments. Influence of Water Absorption and Expansion of Paper in Color Newspaper Printing

Technology of Letterpress Printing of Medical Labels

Technology of Letterpress Printing of Medical Labels        Pharmaceutical label is an indispensable product identification of drugs. It can be said that it is also the ID card of pharmaceutical products and an important production process in packaging and printing technology. The main contents of the medical label shall generally include:         product name, adaptive symptoms, production date, production batch number, specification, quantity, precautions, shelf life, dosage and usage, storage environment requirements, manufacturer’s name, etc. Product labels are printed in monochrome, overprint or overprint in multicolor;         Some are printed with offset paper, others are printed with coated paper and other self-adhesive paper. From the perspective of health and safety, the printing quality control of medical labels is a very important technical link.         Therefore, the instr […]