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Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

       In the packaging and printing industry, some problems need to be paid attention to all the time, especially the relevant processing after printing is of great significance to the printed matter.Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

1. Is post press processing also important for digital printers?

       In today’s printing market, on-demand digital printing is still a new field. However, in the field of commercial printing, digital printing has increased in recent years. Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

      Post press processing is a very important link in the printing process of printed products. After folding, page matching, die cutting, indentation, glazing, film coating, cutting, binding and other post press processing.Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

       The printing products can obtain the required style and performance. Whether in the field of traditional printing or digital printing, post press processing plays a very important role.Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

        It determines the final appearance of printed matter in the market. Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

       Successful post press processing must be professional post press processing. Only through reasonable planning and process arrangement, appropriate equipment and rich professional experience can we successfully complete the post press processing of printed products. Q & A on Post Press Processing of Digital Printing

      Digital printers should keep in mind that they should consider and determine how to carry out the final post press processing before a single printing job is printed.

        Otherwise, the best printed products will become waste products once there are problems in the post press processing.

2. Is it better to do post press processing by yourself or outsource post press processing?

        With the improvement of customer expectations and the continuous change of demand, digital printers should not only ensure the printing quality and delivery speed, but also have the flexibility and diversity of processing.

       In other words, your post press processing ability should ensure the fastest delivery time and the least waste, so the less time required for equipment adjustment, the better, and the simpler the steps, the better. Flexibility is undoubtedly very important. Therefore, more and more digital printers begin to complete post press processing by themselves instead of outsourcing post press processing to other service providers.

        In short, the digital printer completes the post press processing by himself, which can make him master the processing progress of the whole live parts and reduce the production cost at the same time. Of course, if it is some special post press processing (such as die cutting, polishing, etc.), it may be better to give it to a professional processor.

3. Should online post press processing equipment or offline processing equipment be selected?

        At present, there are online and offline Postpress processing equipment supporting digital printing. The on-line post press processing equipment can automatically complete the printing, folding, cutting and binding of documents, which is suitable for the operation with a certain batch and fixed type of live parts.

       The advantages of on-line processing equipment are high degree of automation and small overall floor area of the equipment; The disadvantage is that the price of the equipment is higher than that of the single machine for off-line processing, and the adjustment time of the whole machine is relatively long.

        The so-called off-line processing refers to that the post printing processing equipment is independent of the digital printer, which is suitable for processing small and medium-sized batches of printing.

        The price is cheap. Different single machines can process different types of live parts at the same time, and the required machine adjustment time is short. Even when the digital printer does not work, the off-line post printing processing equipment can also work. Relatively speaking, the use of off-line post press processing equipment can make more effective use of resources.

      For example, one binding machine can serve three digital printers printing different live parts at the same time, because the speed of most post press processing equipment is higher than that of digital printers.

4. What kind of paper cutter is more suitable for digital printers?

          The function of the paper cutter is to cut the paper or printed products into the required size and shape. At present, there are various paper cutters on the market, both manual and computer-controlled full-automatic. The cutting specification of single-sided knife paper cutter is generally 52cm-150cm. Practice has proved that the paper cutter with cutting width of 78cm is more suitable for digital printers, and the price of large paper cutter above 78cm is relatively high.

        You can choose a computer controlled paper cutter, so if you cut the processed parts again, you just need to tune out the original program from the computer, which saves time.

5. What should be paid attention to when using the paper cutter?

         In order to keep the blade sharp and prolong the service life of the paper cutter, the paper cut at one time should not be more than 40mm thick, and the pressure of the paper cutter on the paper should also be appropriate. Generally, the pressure required for softer paper is higher, and the pressure required for harder materials is relatively lower.

       It is very important to keep the blade sharp when using the paper cutter. Pay attention to the correct maintenance and use of the blade. Once the blade is blunt, the blade should be reground, otherwise the cutting accuracy will be affected.

       In addition, pay attention to keep the ambient temperature at 19 ℃ – 23 ℃ and the relative humidity at 50%. Under such conditions, the characteristics of the paper are relatively stable, which is conducive to the correct use and maintenance of the paper cutter, because the determination of many cutting parameters depends on the processed paper.

6. Why crease? How to press creases?

         When the weight of the paper you print exceeds 120g / m2, pressing the crease before folding can make the folding easier, the folded sheet is smoother and the effect is more beautiful. In fact, no matter what kind of paper, if you press the crease before folding, you can get a good effect.

         Creasing can be completed on a special creasing machine. This machine has desktop computers, as well as larger creasing and punching dual-purpose models. If there is an indentation die, you can also press the crease on the flat press. In addition, some folding machines have the function of pressing creases.

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