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A little know on stretch film

A little know on stretch Wrap around film A little know on stretch Wrap around film It is a kind of film made of LLDPE, which has high transparency and high elongation. It is suitable for packing outside pallets and packing scattered and semi-finished goods inside factories. The film is wound around the goods to make the goods more tightly packed, so as to protect the goods and make the turnover more flexible and convenient. When the turntable of the winding machine slows down or slips, we can open the motor cover of the turntable, loosen the connecting bolts on the mounting plate, and then adjust the tension bolts clockwise, so as to achieve the required tension. When using the film winding machine, the goods must be placed smoothly and gently to avoid the deformation of the chassis. The goods wrapped with film must be placed within the scope of the turntable of the film winding machine, because if the goods are too large, the exceeding scope should be within 10 cm or the operation sh […]

Where Wrapping film may use

Where stretch Wrapping film may use Where stretch Wrapping film may use At present, many industries will use the Wrapping film, and the winding machine industry is the most commonly used, because the winding film and the winding machine are used together. Wrap the film around the tray, wrap all objects on the tray, and then heat seal both ends of the film together with two hot clamps. This is the early use form of stretch Wrapping film, so more packaging forms have been developed. Full width packaging requires that the width of winding film is enough to cover the pallet, and the pallet shape is regular, so it has its own advantages. Suitable for film thickness of 17-35 μ M. this kind of packaging is a simple Zui packaging. The film is installed on the shelf or manually, and the tray rotates or winds the film around the tray. The application of wound film in automobile, home appliance and other fields is more and more extensive. At the same time, technological innovation and the co […]

The norms against stretch film quality

The norms against stretch film quality Stretch film is mainly used for product packaging to avoid damage to products during transportation. Winding film is widely used in packaging products in the market, but the quality of some winding films is not very good, so users should polish their eyes when choosing. The following are some indicators about quality evaluation sorted out by ours for you. I hope it will be helpful to you! The product is self-adhesive. 1. The product is self-adhesive. Self adhesion refers to the adhesion between winding films after contact. This is in the process of stretching, winding and packaging, so that the product can be tight but not loose. However, self viscosity is affected by many factors. Therefore, it can be used as an important index to judge the quality of wound film; 2. Tension of stretch film quality 2. Tension of winding film. Stretching is the elastic elongation of the winding film after being stressed. If the quality of the winding film will be s […]

What is the use of food greaseproof paper holder?

What is the use of food greaseproof paper holder? A lot of times when we eat baked goods, baked goods have a sticky paper tray on the bottom, what is this? Those of you who are in the bakery industry know that this is a baking paper tray for food, but do you really know about food paper trays? We will let enterprises know more about food greaseproof paper holders through this article. Greaseproof paper holder has a lot of applications in various food products, whether it is cooking food, or baking food can see its figure. So what is the role of Greaseproof paper holder? The first thing to explain is what a food paper tray is. Food greaseproof paper support material is food grade silicone paper, different uses also determine the different characteristics of food grade silicone paper, whether it is high temperature baking or high temperature cooking, according to different needs, food grade silicone paper can meet these use scenarios. What is the use of food greaseproof paper holder? And […]