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Where stretch Wrapping film may use


At present, many industries will use the Wrapping film, and the winding machine industry is the most commonly used, because the winding film and the winding machine are used together. Wrap the film around the tray, wrap all objects on the tray, and then heat seal both ends of the film together with two hot clamps.

Wrapping film
Where stretch film may use
  • This is the early use form of stretch Wrapping film, so more packaging forms have been developed. Full width packaging requires that the width of winding film is enough to cover the pallet, and the pallet shape is regular, so it has its own advantages. Suitable for film thickness of 17-35 μ M. this kind of packaging is a simple Zui packaging. The film is installed on the shelf or manually, and the tray rotates or winds the film around the tray.
Where stretch film may use
  • The application of wound film in automobile, home appliance and other fields is more and more extensive. At the same time, technological innovation and the continuous expansion of application fields have always been the direction of continuous exploration and efforts of winding film rubber materials and products enterprises. As a major trend of the future industry, sustainable development is an opportunity that needs to be grasped by practice. How to solve the production cost of biological substitutes will be a major challenge for enterprises.
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