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Several Ways to Improve the Printing Resistance of Printing Plate

In the packaging and printing industry, it is often necessary to use various ways to improve the printing resistance of printing plates. So as to ensure that the template can be used for a longer time.

What Are the Classifications of Imported Pulp

At present, the main commercial pulp traded in the world is bleached kraft pulp of needle and broad-leaved trees, and China also mainly imports this kind of pulp. We usually divide bleached kraft wood pulp into five categories, namely.

Pay Attention to the Safety and Health of Printed Materials

Printing is one of the four great inventions in China. Because it can spread culture and information, it plays an important role in promoting human civilization, social and economic development. Modern packaging printing materials use more or less toxic and harmful substances in ink, which is harmful to human health. European and American countries have attached great importance to this problem. With the progress of scientific knowledge and environmental protection, China has taken the road of sustainable development and began to pay attention to the safety and health of food and drug packaging.

Application of UV Curing Technology in Flexographic Printing

Flexographic press has the function of printing and one-time forming after printing. It can add offset printing, gravure printing and silk screen printing units to the whole unit, so as to complete the processes of printing, drying, bronzing, die cutting, photocuring and so on. The purpose of this paper is to introduce some basic knowledge of the role and application of UV curing in flexographic packaging printing.