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Relief Printing Vs Flexographic Printing

Relief Printing Vs Flexographic Printing        Every person in the industry engaged in label production or equipment sales has considered and discussed with others who will dominate the embossing and flexo printing in China’s label market a few years later, and everyone knows that the European and American market is the world of flexo printing, while the embossing printing in the Japanese market accounts for 70% of the market share.Relief Printing Vs Flexographic Printing        I personally believe that the development of the Chinese market is not a simple replica of the European and American market, but a rapid development driven by the internal force of the market in just a few years, Relief Printing Vs Flexographic Printing       so as to walk through the road of decades of exploration in the European, American and Japanese markets.Relief Printing Vs Flexographic Printing       The final pattern will be the coexistence o […]

What Kind Of Ink Mixing Stick Can Make The Ink More Uniform

What Kind Of Ink Mixing Stick Can Make The Ink More Uniform        In gravure printing production, due to the volatilization of solvent in the ink tank, the uniformity of ink is reduced, and the surface is easy to form ink sheets and ink blocks. What Kind Of Ink Mixing Stick Can Make The Ink More Uniform       After the plate roller is brought on, the scraper is not easy to scrape clean, resulting in defects such as plate paste, knife line and so on. How to solve this problem? Let the ink “flow” and keep mixing. Naturally, this situation can be avoided.What Kind Of Ink Mixing Stick Can Make The Ink More Uniform        There are two ways to make the ink move. One is to use the ink circulation pump to make the ink circulate; The second is to place an ink stirring rod in the ink tank to make the ink flow in the ink tank.What Kind Of Ink Mixing Stick Can Make The Ink More Uniform        The former is the external circulation of ink, which […]

Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version

Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version         In recent years, with the increasing voice of environmental protection, consumers have higher and higher requirements for cushioning packaging materials. Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version       Due to the serious environmental pollution problem, the environmental protection packaging materials widely used in the market are corrugated board and honeycomb board.Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version         However, because honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of reasonable structure, light weight and high strength, corrugated paperboard is regarded as a competitor. Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version       In fact, corrugated board and honeycomb board have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, how they will develop in the future is a problem worthy of consideration. Overview Of Common Faults In PS Version The development of honey […]

Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment

Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment         In the packaging and printing industry, no matter what kind of printing method, whether the printing pressure is correct or not is very important to the quality of products. Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment       Flexographic line and text printing are like this, while flexographic screen printing has higher requirements for printing pressure. There must be a correct printing pressure in order to print exquisite and high-quality products.Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment       There are three printing pressures of flexographic printing press, which will have a great impact on the printing quality of products. They are indispensable. They are described as follows:Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment 1。 Pressure of inking device: this pressure is the pressure between inking roller and metal anilox roller. Its main function is to control the ink consumption of printing and transfer ink evenly.Carton Flexo Pressure Adjustment     […]