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Screen Printing Method for Paper Packaging

Paper packaging mainly refers to cartons, cartons, paper bags, etc. used for commodity packaging, and corrugated cartons and other products used for transportation packaging. Screen printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich picture and text levels, strong three-dimensional sense and wide range of printing materials. Its application in high-grade tobacco, wine and food packaging cartons is gradually increasing. UV screen ink is used to print sanding, refraction, ice flowers, wrinkles and other effects on the cigarette box, which greatly stimulates the purchase desire of consumers.

Printing: Du Jue Color Deviation and Moire

Even if we choose the above-mentioned screen line angles in plate making, if the color sequence arrangement is not appropriate, the screen line angles of the printing plates of the two adjacent color groups may still differ by 15 °, and there is still the possibility of color deviation, moire and other defects, which will not achieve a better effect of printing and restoring the original.

Is Calligraphy Paper Good for Raw Xuan or Cooked Xuan

Rice paper is also often called "Millennium paper". It originated in Anhui. Rice paper appeared in the Tang Dynasty and passed on from generation to generation. The advantage of rice paper is that it is durable, not brittle and will not fade. It has the characteristics of "tough but moist, smooth but not slippery, white and dense, pure texture, no damage in rubbing and folding, strong ink moistening", and can well become an artistic style paper. Therefore, before calligraphy creation, we should still understand the classification of rice paper, the calligraphy style and the advantages and disadvantages of rice paper, and finally determine whether the calligraphy paper is good for raw or cooked propaganda according to the situation.

How Much Do you Know About Special Paper

Special paper is a kind of paper with special purpose and small output. It is a wide range of special paper, a general term for all kinds of special-purpose paper or art paper. Dealers now collectively refer to embossed paper and other art paper as special paper, mainly to simplify terms and avoid confusion caused by many kinds.