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Post Press Processing of Synthetic Paper Printing

Post Press Processing of Synthetic Paper Printing        Synthetic paper is one of the fastest growing printing materials in the printing industry. It has both the durability of plastic and the printing performance of paper. It is stronger and more durable than traditional paper.Post Press Processing of Synthetic Paper Printing   Polylith synthetic paper is water-resistant, chemical solvent resistant and grease resistant. When exposed to humid air, it has stable size, can adapt to the temperature change of – 60-240 ° F, and is resistant to cracking, shrinkage, dimensional deformation and color distortion.Post Press Processing of Synthetic Paper Printing       It will not crack or crack after repeated bending and bending. The commonly used chemical solvents will not cause adverse effects on polylith synthetic paper, and polylith synthetic paper does not absorb grease and is easy to clean.Post Press Processing of Synthetic Paper Printing      Polylith synthetic paper […]

Advantages of kraft Paper Bag

Kraft paper bags are very convenient, strong and useful for today's food packaging. At this point, the advantage is very, very big, because only strong packaging can prevent food from falling. Of course, in terms of packaging liquid food, kraft paper can remain unchanged in the environment, prevent the outflow of liquid food, and play a very good packaging effect.

What are the Commonly Used Wrapping Papers

Pulp molding is a three-dimensional papermaking technology. It uses waste paper as raw material and forms special shape paper products through special molds on the mold machine. It has four advantages: the raw material is waste paper, including paper, waste carton, waste white edge paper, etc. Pulping, adsorption molding, drying and finalization are used in the production process, which is environmentally friendly. It can be recycled and reused;

Characteristics of Pulp Molding

It can be recycled and reused; The volume is smaller than the foam plastic, which can be overlapped and easy to transport. Pulp molding, in addition to making food boxes and tableware, can also be used as industrial buffer packaging, which has developed very rapidly.