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Humanized Packaging Color Printing Design Method

With the improvement of living standards, packaging and printing has been closely related to our life, and people's demand for packaging design has become more and more picky and harsh. From the 1980s to 1990s, humanized design has become the focus of attention in the period of diversification, and gradually formed an irreversible trend, which not only endows humanized design with paper packaging structure, The color design of packaging is no exception.

Packaging Design is The Best Advertisement

When it comes to the marketing of new cosmetics, people immediately think of the beautiful publicity of P & G's Olay on TV and a series of brands mentioned every day on TV, such as Sofitel, little nurse, HOUDY and so on. Think of shooting TV advertisements, TV launch and tens of thousands of product trial clothes, and think that only in this way can we effectively communicate with consumers.

Development of Color Flexographic Printing Ink for Carton Printing

For a long time, the image of many Chinese goods in the international consumer market has been "low price, inferior quality and poor packaging". Many traders have made great profits in secondary sales by improving packaging after importing Chinese goods. Some European countries play the "packaging card" in order to prevent a large number of Chinese goods from entering. Take a positive attitude towards such rules of the game. Domestic packaging products should pay attention to quality, grade and environmental protection, and gradually move towards internationalization. Corrugated box is the most commonly used packaging of ordinary consumer goods. Environmental friendly flexographic printing will become the mainstream of domestic carton manufacturing industry, and the substrate of flexographic printing?? Color flexographic carton is bound to promote the development of ink.

What are the Classifications of Waste Paper Abroad?

The classification of waste paper directly affects the collection and treatment of waste paper. The sources of waste paper are different, and the types, composition and properties of fibers are also different. The purpose of waste paper classification is realized. The classification of waste paper is generally based on the source of waste paper and the type of waste paper fiber, but the classification methods and standards of waste paper are very different in the world.